Adi Shankaracharya

Adi Shankaracharya

The first and only Indian movie to be made in Sanskrit. The movie follows the life and times of Sankara - the founder of the non-duality (Advaita) school of Indian philosophy.

The first and only Indian movie to be made in Sanskrit. The movie follows the life and times of Sankara - the founder of the non-duality (Advaita) school of Indian philosophy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (ca) wrote: A beautiful movie about the care and love of 2 elderly couples interwined with a story of old man fighting against the system to build a suitable house for his wife. A must watch.

Ian C (kr) wrote: Decent HBO biopic on the trial of the legendary Producer. I haven't seen many interviews of Spector to relate to and compare Pacino's performace, but his hoarse voice sounds like him circa 2007. Helen Mirren and Jeffrey Tambor offer decent support, but Mamets script makes out that the Wall of Sound genius is in the same league as the Gerry Conlon, Dewey Bozella or Darryl Hunt.

Richard M (ag) wrote: Thought this was very good fun. Quite a few laughs to be had on the way - a good Sunday film when it's raining outside with chips, dips and a bottle of wine

Gregory W (mx) wrote: great doc on privacy

Theo W (mx) wrote: Snappy dialogue and a ridiculous plot carry the hilarious Megamind. The movie's unique take on the antihero is truly impressive, though it is unevenly paced and thin on substance.

Panos M (gb) wrote: Popcorn rom-com. Nothing very special.

Joel E (nl) wrote: Oscar Arnulfo Romero, mrtir de la lucha separatista de nuestra repblica hermana del Salvador

Aleksandar J (fr) wrote: Piter Straus, Moli Ringvold i Majkl Ajronsajd u necem nalik na Mad Maxa, samo u svemiru. Nista spektakularno, ali ja sam jednostavno sucker za sve sto potice iz osamdesetih, tako da mi je i ovaj film bio prijatan i simpatican.

Stuart K (nl) wrote: Directed by Paul Bartel (Death Race 2000 (1975)), who had been a character actor in many Roger Corman productions, he had pitched this black comedy to Corman, who turned it down. Unfazed, Bartel went about raising the money by himself, with help from friends like Joe Dante and John Landis. It's a weird and funny piece which became the sleeper hit of 1982, and gathered a huge cult following. In Los Angeles, Married couple Paul (Bartel) and Mary (Mary Woronov) live in a run down apartment, and they want a better life. Paul is a snob who sells expensive wine bottles to clients, while Mary is a nurse. The apartment block has lots of seedy people about, but they want a better life and to open their own restaurant. After accidentally killing a drunk swinger (Garry Goodrow). They dispose of the body, and take his money. Their scheme is found out by con-man Raoul Mendoza (Robert Beltran) who wants a piece of the action, he will dispose of the bodies and they'll split the money, it seems like a lucrative private enterprise. John Waters would have killed for this film, as it has some moments typical of him. It's seedy and darkly funny, it inspired the Comic Strip team with Eat The Rich (1987), and they would cast Bartel in some of their films. Bartel is still sadly missed, and he had an inimitable presence.

Eric B (nl) wrote: Marvelously twisted, "Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment" is a tale of a boyish eccentric (David Warner) who's oddly consumed with three subjects: his estranged wife Leonie (Oscar-nominated Vanessa Redgrave), jungle beasts and communism. He adds hammer-and-sickle emblems wherever he can, can't help associating random human behavior with similar animal activity and intensely plots to win back Leonie's love. None of these obsessions draw him much favor, however, and his artist's temperament begins to cross the line between whimsy and genuine dementia.Much of the film's charm derives from the playful chemistry between Morgan and Leonie -- Leonie is resolved to drop him for her own good, but also can't hide her delight at his uninhibited, daredevil mischief. Redgrave perfectly captures these mixed feelings in her first major role, while also managing to be exquisitely sexy. Otherwise, Morgan's courtship hijinks -- typically involving him sabotaging the flat Leonie shares with her uptight new fiance Charles (Robert Stephens) -- are lots of fun. In one of the wildest scenes, Morgan rigs the apartment with loudspeakers to blast music and sound effects as the couple start to make love. "Morgan"'s New Wave affectations and washed-out, black-and-white cinematography are somewhat dated (it looks even older than it is), but this is one of the decade's great cult movies.

AN N (de) wrote: So sad ... so powerful. An important movie and story ... so hard to watch and yet I am so glad I did ...