Adjust Your Tracking

Adjust Your Tracking

A documentary capturing the modern day VHS culture and VHS collectors.

A documentary capturing the modern day VHS culture and VHS collectors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carl W (mx) wrote: For what it is I enjoyed it. Silly, outrageous and totally unbelievable but it works.

Faisal A (nl) wrote: A wretched mess of an action film pulled even further down by a leaden lead performance from Twilight heartthrob Kellan Lutz who doesn't have half the charisma required to hold together this jumble of cheesy shootouts and chases.Mickey Rourke provides some unintended laughs with his comical attempts to be evil but it's all in a lost cause.

Seychelle G (us) wrote: Bland, boring not enough dialogue too many silent scenes

Peter P (us) wrote: Terrible effect and it makes very little sense, but at least the dog survived?

007 W (mx) wrote: Iron man 3 is really god damn good, I know there are people raving about it saying it's not accurate to the comics but honestly those people are just making excuses, this movie is very well made it has a very good story, the characters are once again fantastic because Shane black directed the movie, the action is great and so are the special effects, the soundtrack in this movie is very good, it's a really good summer movie, it's fun

Tom P (au) wrote: Is Te Leoni playing a bipolar character - I need to know.Ok.This idea is clear to me, but all my research online has produced nothing if not silence.Back to a review.Overall, it's an extended sitcom formal with a pool of odd characters, including Adam Sandler playing Ray Romano-lite and Te Leone playing a very difficult, flawed personality -with possible mental illness - which the other characters seem to simply act around and ignore/ tolerate without comment.I'm completely baffled by this since I see the signs of possible mental illness, but without it's being addressed in any way.And she's rather brilliant at it too - consistent, edgy, perplexed herself by her own reaction - a perfect candidate for the problems of someone with bipolar disorder. This could have easily been a film to deal on some level with this - see Silver Linings Playbook's dvd featurette with Director David O. Russell talking about the nuances of a bipolar personality played by Bradley Cooper, and the incredible conversation started bc of that brilliant and hilarious movie.Ok. Back to Spanglish -an otherwise slight movie, a tv version ofImitation of Life without all the overcooked drama. The maid's daughter wants to leave her hardworking mom's legacy for the seemingly better life of her mom's employer.Outside of my Jones-ing about the unacknowledged bipolar mom character, this is an ok movie with slight hints of its soapy predecessor.Not that memorable, outside of the moms.That is all.2.5 out of 5 sitcom family meetings

Michael O (ag) wrote: Bend over to let in the new :)

SV G (br) wrote: Wondrous Oblivion is a beautiful film. This is not so much about the game of cricket - but about tolerance, friendship, self worth, understanding and forgiveness; and the journey we each have in learning the value of each of these things. A film I would highly recommend to all. The performances by all of the cast were outstanding.

Irene C (ca) wrote: Really miss Dunedin now

Greg W (gb) wrote: good cold war era thriller

Jesse K (nl) wrote: An absolute nightmare.

Isla B (ag) wrote: Totally failed to hold my interest. Was there a plot? Some nice non-PC misogynist arrogance from Mr Bond though. Good to see the marble quarry where we had our death-defying 4x4 experience!

Nathan C (nl) wrote: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are Awesome! It's damn hilarious not like the shitty american popular kids movies that are not funny at all. this movie is the perfect example to go watch it. i have to agree with the critics, I did miss Hot Fuzz but already have this on DVD. Simon Pegg is my Favourite Comedien and Edgar Wright is one of my favourite Directors of all time.Score: 10/10

Bree M (au) wrote: Loved it!!! Soo cute!!!