Adnan Semp-It 2

Adnan Semp-It 2

Adnan, an orphaned street biker who is cared for by his aunt. On the other hand, Nadia is born to a wealthy family and currently owns a stable job. These two opposites soon encounter one ...

Adnan, an orphaned street biker who is cared for by his aunt. On the other hand, Nadia is born to a wealthy family and currently owns a stable job. These two opposites soon encounter one ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shruti P (au) wrote: Decent watch!! Loved Parineeti Chopra...quoting her "Ye kiss badi kutti cheez hoti hai..." haha!!

Daryl M (us) wrote: It was just okay. Saw this movie at a screening last year.

John A (kr) wrote: Drive Is A Perfect Example Of How Chinese Film Making Can Beat The Americans. The Best Martial Arts Film To Be Produced By An American Film Company. A Great Film Which Also Showcases The Excellent Fight Choreography, Which Surpasses Any US Martial Arts Choreography. A Stunning Film From Behind The Camera, Point Of View

Michael R (us) wrote: This movie was surprisingly good better than I expected, although it did have some problems with logical continuity...

Nate F (ca) wrote: Fantastic example of Clive Barker's work from mid 80's!

Cline D (gb) wrote: Prvisible, mais action, belles cascades, sympa, beau mec.

Doug V (au) wrote: Great movie. Good story and very inspirational.

Timothy H (mx) wrote: Okay I love a good, campy B horror flick like anyone else but this was bad even for my tastes.

Harry W (fr) wrote: Since Ben Affleck is a terrible lead actor, the only thing encouraging me to watch Reindeer Games was the fact that it was directed by John Frankenheimer in his last film.I was aware of the low critical reviews that Reindeer Games had and the fact that Charlize Theron called it the worst film that she ever did. But I had hoped for potentially some decent action moments and maybe even a decent car chase in there as that is what John Frankenheimer is known for. But as his penultimate feature film, John Frankenheimer fails to go off on a high note and hits a low point for his career. It is no surprise that the film is so unknown and that it lost more than $9 million as a result because there aren't all that many reasons to pay the ticketing fee to see a film of calibre as low as Reindeer Games.The premise in the film is rather tedious because it is another one of those cases of mistaken identity turned into an entire crime thriller. It is generic and gives a weak start to the film. But I??ve lived through worse action films in my life so I can get over a story like that. I mean, John Frankenheimer??s previous film Ronin had no conceivable plot and was simply full of great action scenes and awesome car chases. But Reindeer Games starts off with a decent action moment and then quickly descends into inconceivably lacklustre storytelling. The extensive period of time until the next action scene from that moment on is focused solely on the characters who are paper thin and the actors who are not doing that much of an interesting job. From there it just gets worse and worse and is so minimal in action that it is surprising to say that it is actually a John Frankenheimer film. It is so bereft of action or thrills that it essentially becomes an unintentional comedy. Reindeer Games would be better if they put Carrot Top in the film, and for a film involving Christmas themed robberies, it takes itself way too seriously.Reindeer Games is completely bereft of thrills because it is such a dull story which moves at a painfully slow pace. There is less exhilaration than there is originality, and waiting around for the film to actually go somewhere is a serious challenge because it is too derivative to actually have any surprises at its arsenal. It is one of the most boring Ben Affleck films I have ever seen which is saying a lot, and there is nothing that can actually salvage it. And the script makes it worse every second.There is one scene where the script uses the line ??he??s not the guy?? so many times in the matter of a few sentences from a single character, and it is the weakest moment in the script. A lot of the moments in the film go in repetitive circles for a while and it just gets more cringe worthy by the second. And it has no characters for the cast to work with who end up seriously suffering as a result, particularly as there is no action to mask them.Ben Affleck??s performance in Reindeer Games is poor, but not one of his worse lead performances. He at least makes an effort without going over the top, but his performance comes off as being rather routine and ineffective. He just lacks charisma or the strength to be an actual decent protagonist, and he doesn??t realise the gritty edge of the material. But I suppose his line delivery has its moments during the less intense scenes. But Reindeer Games certainly does not have me more excited about him as a leading actor. Ben Affleck is in poor form once again, even though it is slightly less poor than it has been in the past and proves to be in the future.Charlize Theron??s performance evokes a mixed result. During the scenes at the start of the film when her character is carefree and energetic, she is likable because she is charming and even sexy in her brief topless sequence. But once the drama of the film picks up and it becomes about crime, she loses sight of her charisma. From there she becomes a melodramatic and whiny, and it boasts none of the skills which would later score her an Academy Award for Best Actress. The quality of her performance in Reindeer Games is seriously depressing in how weak it is, and it is clear why she would call it her worst film because it clearly features her worst performance. Charlize Theron gets annoying really fast in Reindeer Games.Gary Sinise is a decent villain though. It isn??t his finest performance, but considering the standard of acting in Reindeer Games, he has no problem transcending the lack of talent on display from the other actors. He manages to naturally create a certain kind of villainous character without problem simply because of his rough edged line delivery and his intense stare. Gary Sinise is an easy villain in Reindeer Games.The cameo appearance of Danny Trejo is a nice touch as he is a great movie villain whenever he is present.But despite those small elements, Reindeer Games is too derivative, poorly scripted and lacking in action to actually be original or entertaining in the slightest and is suffers in comparison to the infinitely superior other works of John Frankenheimer.

Hasan C (us) wrote: Flashbacks of a Fool, the debut feature from writer and director Ballie Walsh.This R rated film for me was the kind of film that I could enjoy over and over and each time still feel that I am a seeing something.Watched every delicious moment without being noticed myself.