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Adolescente torrent reviews

Joe A (es) wrote: It's an interesting look at Studio Ghibli and more importantly Miyasaki as they go through production of "The Wind Rises" you also get some poignant views on Miyasaki view on life, past and future.If you haven't and planned on watching "The Wind Rises" hold off watching this doc until you've watched it.

Christophe C (jp) wrote: INSENSIBLES en vf. Une belle histoire, touchante et surtout tragique mais un film la sensibilit (C) un peu trop clinique...

Rick V (jp) wrote: Must see for Romero fans(DVD)

Laurie D (us) wrote: Anthony Hopkins is amazing in this movie definitely a must-see

Allan C (au) wrote: The tone of this series took a decidedly comedic shift if tone after "Bride of Chucky," which was a wise move. The idea of a diminutive killer redhead doll is pretty ridiculous concept that's not exactly easy to pull off as a straight horror film. However, I will say the original film did just that and a lot of credit goes to director Tom Holland, who also pulled of a similar feat with "Fright Night." Bu to this film in particular, the franchise gets decidedly meta when Chucky and Tiffany (again voiced by Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilley) are resurrected by their creepy doll son. The film gets meta when Chucky and Tiffany hatch a scene to impregnate Jennifer Tilly, who is playing Hollywood actress Jennifer Tilly filming the latest Chucky horror film. Series writer Don Mancini takes over directing duties here and does a good job of balancing the darkly comic tone and the sort of violent mayhem horror fans are expecting. I do think that it's commendable that this series has kept Mancini on for all of the films, which is not something that I think can be said of any other long running horror franchise. Top tall this goofy horror fun off with John Waters in a small role as a paparazzi and a good score by Pino Donaggio, and you get a much better of horror film than you'd expect from a killer doll movie.

Carlos B (nl) wrote: Amazing Christian...sci-fi film? Yes ,this surprising film about time travel was actually an eye opening. The concept was brilliant and what I loved about the film is that the main chracters were very true and the film had some very good performances. Granted the production itself would have been more better with a little bit more money behind it, yet God makes much with little. Awesome story.... Highly Recommended. Jesus told his disciples, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me" (John 14:6)

Kathryn B (br) wrote: Fascinating bit of history. The club scenes, costumes, music and dancing alone are worth watching.I have no idea why it was poorly reviewed.

Timothy S (jp) wrote: Antony Michael Hall was one of the best-loved movie geeks of the 1980's, and "Johnny Be Good" was obviously his first bid at shedding that image. It was successful at that, but not much else. It wasn't a change for the better. This is a limp, lifeless comedy that was bad enough in it's "PG-13" theatrical version, but it's even worse in the "R" rated cut that was released to home video. There aren't any laughs to be found here, and the movie might have worked better as a straight film about college football recruiting practices. There are a lot of missed opportunities here, but the picture is just fine with being a mediocre comedy spotted with crude humor and sex jokes that just don't fit in. It's obvious that the film was re-edited from a "PG-13", and there just doesn't seem to be any point to it. We would have to wait a few years to see a good movie about this subject matter, and it was "Blue Chips" with Nick Nolte. Hall makes an attempt to leave his nerd roles behind, and he is good in the early scenes. But as his character becomes corrupted by the recruiters, he becomes unwatachable. As does the film. In the casting department, Robert Downey Jr. is fun is his role mostly because in his early career he perfected this quirky, oddball type of character. He has some good moments here, and in her first starring role, Uma Thurman is simply radiant. She isn't given a lot to do with her stock role as "the girlfriend", but she looks amazing. There is some potential in "Johnny Be Good", but it's content with the lowest common denominator. It's a waste.

Dean M (gb) wrote: A bittersweet character study, it works remarkably well. You even begin to believe Clint Eastwood in the role. The star's son, Kyle Eastwood, makes an impressive film debut.

River E (nl) wrote: This film may be flawed but I still love it. Watch it as a double feature with Time Bandits and gain a deep appreciation for the talent of David Warner. Love its quirkiness even if Vanessa Redgrave is underused.

Erik H (ru) wrote: A disturbing reflection on the horrors that occurred in concentration camps

Elinor I (kr) wrote: More of the historical interest. Apparently in 1935 it was fun to go to the movies and watch Irene Dunne sing for what feels like hours on end. Now one just tends to focus on the imperfections in her teeth. But the Astaire/Rogers content is generally fabulous, especially in the "I'll Be Hard To Handle" number where you can hear them giggling.

Merrian H (us) wrote: Quite a strange film yet surprisingly captivating. I certainly enjoyed Marlene and her multitude of facial expressions. Could a girl wear any more jewellery than she was during one of the banquet scenes?The sets are works of art.