In the nineteenth century, Adolphe, a young man of twenty four carefree years, plans to obtain favors Ellenore, a beautiful woman of thirty years, much more vulnerable. This yields to his advances and he disclaims all. But already, Adolphe loves less. Yet the idea of ​​the pain is unbearable.

The action takes place at the turn of the 19th Century. Adolphe (Stanislas Merhar) is a carefree, somewhat jaded 22-year-old... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Adolphe torrent reviews

Wisnu A (nl) wrote: very funny and tell us to struggle n realize our dream eventough a bit stupid way

Becca C (kr) wrote: Loved this movie! Comedy and drama with a love triangle mixed with some action. Watched it several times and doesn't get old!

Nathan H (it) wrote: As soon as this movie claimed that dietary cholesterol leads to heart disease I was ready to shut it off. This is inconsistent with current research that suggests the two are not related. The movie uses this as a ploy to claim meat is bad for us

Blair G (fr) wrote: Tim Chey hits a home-run with this intelligent gem. This is not a movie for everyone because it has a real message and most people can`t be bothered with something like that. It`s a dialogue driven movie that delivers. Really good points and issues are addressed. We live in an mindless entertainment obsessed culture so it`s refreshing to see a film that stands above the rest. This movie has entertainment and is of serious value.

Claudette A (jp) wrote: It had a couple of laughs, particularly the scene of the women taking on the German army.

Ron N (nl) wrote: Despite the all emotions and realness of the movie i'd say that this is one of the top 10 Christmas movies of the past few decades.

Zaw M (mx) wrote: one of the best comedies

Steve W (de) wrote: Moonstruck won the Oscar for Best Screenplay and is considered a modern comedy masterpiece. I thought it was okay. The performances are solid, but its that final half hour that's really good. Everything else was rather bland for me.

Alex S (nl) wrote: Brilliant debut film of Steven Seagal

Bob W (jp) wrote: "Come up again anytime." The film that saved Paramount. Mae West's first starring role, early Cary Grant. Lots of witty and often risque quips.which started the legendary liberated character she virtually played her entire lifetime.

Liy D (fr) wrote: Just a bland movie about an end of the year party for high schoolers

CL 9 (kr) wrote: A film too polite to adequately match the determination and prowess of Nelson Mandela, the revolutionary world leader that inspired the film, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom nevertheless features several outstanding performances - namely from it's lead, Idris Elba.