Adorenarin doraibu

Adorenarin doraibu

This parody of popular Japanese teenage girls' romances includes slapstick in a comedy of robbers versus robbers. When a gas leak explodes at a yakuza's headquarters, a shy, timid nurse and...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:nurse,   japan,   money,  

This parody of popular Japanese teenage girls' romances includes slapstick in a comedy of robbers versus robbers. When a gas leak explodes at a yakuza's headquarters, a shy, timid nurse and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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HollyMaree S (ag) wrote: Boring very slow plot

Jim L (ca) wrote: This is one of the best documentaries of the decade! It also is a sad look at special ed and low income families who are reliant on the education system to help raise and care for their children with needs. These families dread the day that their children become adults and the supports of the education system are removed. It is a must see for everyone in the US!

Shay G (jp) wrote: Was a good film worth a watch

Sean P (it) wrote: Who wants to watch a movie about a parking lot, especially a documentary about one? Those were my thoughts when I came across this. It wasn't until I saw someone had listed this as one of their favorite movies, that my interest was peaked. What this documentary gives you, is a glimpse into a world that few of us ever see. The people who work this job are not the supposed 'losers' that one might consider them to be. They are interesting people and through the experiences they share, we get to see the nature of people, both good and bad. I was impressed by the movie and felt there was never a dull moment. My only complaint: I wished it was longer.

Mark V (kr) wrote: Worst western I've ever seen.

Private U (kr) wrote: Honestly - one of the most stand-out movies so far this century! A simple tale, deserving nothing more in its setup than, "Are you wood, or marble?" I have rarely found a "foreign" movie that so beautifully tells what it is like to live in a rural fishing village. Kudos to the writer, who also plays a role in the movie.Now - it has its campy "homage" aspects: I noted one scene (and well) where the mise en scene is clearly ripped from "Jaws"; there's a fight scene that beautifully illustrates why pot-heads don't fight too well; and some of the sub-plots dominate more than they should, perhaps.But! If you're looking for a "basically feel-good" movie with a strong story and lots to chew over (try a clam!) .... this might be one you've passed over, and would enjoy.

Charles D (kr) wrote: The book is incredible, the movie is good with some painful flaws. First of all, chinese =/= japanese. Secondly, the scene they invented near the end of the movie with the American general acting like an unrestrained pervert towards Sayuri is stupid, insulting, and a hollywood clich that the story in no way needed.

Janne K (br) wrote: Smack the Pony -sarjan naiset on huiputettu/ostettu mukaan jonkun muun ksikirjoittamaan, luvattoman valjuun elokuvaan, jonka suurin ansio on sen lavastus. Yrityst toki on, ja pari kertaa tlle hymht, mutta mukana on liikaa yksinkertaisesti tyhm spedeilymateriaalia ja vsyneit pikkutuhmuuksia.

Johann M (ag) wrote: A very rare musical, quite cruel but it's Lars von Trier's style, I suppose. :( Poor Selma but you do whatever for your loved ones at any cost. Bjrk deserves her Palme d'Or.

Joe H (au) wrote: Alot better than the abysmal second installment but not exactly Rosemary's Baby ya know.Death by dildo is quite funny though

Kristopher V (ag) wrote: Fellini's semi-autobiographical look at men in their 20s unable to grow up or escape their small town is so honest and touching that it's just as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

Alex C (ag) wrote: Worse first eight minutes of a movie ever. How do you expect the audience to feel any tension after that?

Joetaeb D (gb) wrote: Bill Murray's voice work of the title character is uncannily spot on. But the movie around is too rote and packed with pop culture references to be fun or memorable

Kevin S (gb) wrote: Ex con jack crews takes on a mission of driving a truck from Atlanta to New Jersey when he finds out he is about to lose his house. What he does not know and soon finds out that what he is hauling is a truck load of illegal guns. He also gets chased down by red a bible spouting man wanting to stop the truck from getting to its destination and taking the guns for himself. Great movie as crews fights for his life and his family because his wife and daughter also get kidnapped. Patrick Swayze is awesome in this movie. I always liked him and it is a Shame he is no longer with us. Meatloaf is in the movie too. must of figured out his music is crap and went into acting. and also randy travis was in this too. The action is so intense as well as the truck chasing scenes and wrecks. It is totally amazing. That was done of the best vehicle chasing scenes that I have ever seen. This was a totally exciting action movie.