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A group of five surviving soldiers in the late 1300's are returning home, however along the journey they encounter an unforeseen turn of events.

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Inside the fort the experience some peculiar behavior, and whilst four of the soldiers decide to ignore it, Tristan can't seem to help getting involved, only problem is he takes it a step too far. As they journey back across different lands, hungry and exhausted they request food and lodging for the night in a fort. A fictional story set in the late 1300's about a group of five soldiers who are returning home from battle

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Users reviews

Adinda P (us)

I'm one of those people. While it isn't a movie for everyone, this is the kind of movie that some might really grow into. The emotional depth is disturbingly exceptional

Alex H (ca)

One of the best teen movies in a long time and among Gondry's best also. The minute-to-minute meat of this slice-of-city-life is thick soupy rich

Christina S (ru)

that taxi driver is fantastic!he actually flies,drives,maneuvres and saves everyone else cos he's the smartest 1 :D and french police is always lagging behind hehe

Jennifer M (jp)

How do I remove this movie that was a "gift" when I opened my Flixster account? I don't want this movie!!

Jim S (es)

It's just another bad Canadian made horror flick. Very gory but not very scary, the actors struggle with bad dialogue and even worse direction. Thanks to the review gods that this is less than 90 mins

Leonard D (ag)

Hot half naked women is a rousing, I must confess, but that isn't enough to waste my precious time and money on something like this!

Lis O (kr)

I thought King of Kong was better though. Loved how the people interviewed didn't even realise they were getting bagged. A good look back at the Arcade era

Logan M (it)

Pleasantly enjoyable, despite an extensive runtime, "Barry Lyndon" is by far the noblest of Stanley Kubrick's masterpieces

Margaret S (de)

English subtitles, however, assisted in understanding the story. Since my French is more than a bit rusty, and I'm not up on some of the puns and celebrities featured in the film, I'm sure that I missed many of the puns and inside jokes. A die-hard fan of the Asterix books, the film was a bit disappointing, although enjoyable

Masae P (gb)

dian lane is so beautiful