"Adrenaline" proposes a string of short surrealist films presenting at various levels an interesting mix of mild gore, cynical humor and absurd. A deeper treatment of the different themes approached (predestination, suffering for art, tv interactivity, obsession, and so on) would have been appreciated, but this can be a difficult task in regard of the formula adopted here (and possibly because of budgetary constraints) by the various directors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Adrénaline torrent reviews

Andrew W (kr) wrote: Good movie. Persistence is the key.

Dan M (es) wrote: This movie was not bad, but it wasn't great either. It was fun and silly. I love Seth MacFarlane, even if he's not at his best. I like the concept of the film and liked the modern humor and references thrown in to this period piece, but it was super predictable and always felt like it was lacking a little something. It was close to being good, but it never quite elevated above.

Jared E (fr) wrote: Awesome true story. Watch this now. This happens every day.

Sean C (it) wrote: A deliberately fun slice of werewolf horror that wins points for killing off all the annoying people very very quickly. Richard Tyson is one of those actors that whilst not conventionally good looking still manages to make me hot and here he gets his shirt off loads. Nice nod to An American Werewolf in London by having that film's star David Naughton turn up in a brief cameo.

Zach L (it) wrote: Watched this movie after 'death becomes her' and enjoyed too much . Although very slow paced movie the interest gradually raised towards the end . Kudos to all Seems as a real story Dance is my life . And life is good

Richard S (gb) wrote: Very under-rated story about how most children make their way through the seemingly pointless years of high-school. It doesn't have the great feel good ending that most people look for but it has a real enough ending that makes that forgivable. Watch this shit.

these i (kr) wrote: let me get this straight... the people here are trying to critiqued space jam... it's freaking space jam. it's a kid's movie, and a lot better than most of the garbage that comes out nowadays...And the guy who doesn't understand why it's called space jam. lmaoit's called space jam because the loony toons, mj and bill murray are going against "alien creatures" in a basketball game... hence space jam. how dumb are you?Aside from all the specials in the review, it's a great classic, better than 99 percent of the kid movies out there. and if you grew up when space jam came out, like i did. you'll love it all the more.

John G (it) wrote: love this of my all time favorites!

Rob N (ag) wrote: Walken & Ironside overthrow a corrupt government in Columbia!! Some priceless cheesy moments!!

John A (fr) wrote: Excellent Musical, Which Is A Sequel To The 1975 Hit The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This One See's Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell (Little Nell) & Charles Gray Return But Sadly Not As The Same Characters. Brad & Janet (Cliff De Young & Jessica Harper) Are Now Married & They Have Been Selected To Be Contestants On A Game Show, But They Become Held Captive By The TV Station Owner Farley Flavors (Cliff De Young). The Disappointments With This Film Is That Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick Did Not Reprise Their Roles As Brad & Janet. Another Is That I Personally Think Tim Curry Would Be Great In Barry Humphries' Role. The Great Parts About This Film Is The Musical Numbers & The Storyline, Which Seems To Get Darker As The Film Progresses.

Greg W (ag) wrote: a lame 'the omen' knock-off

August C (mx) wrote: I saw this on vacation in 74 and never forgot it...a great film! Lots of action and wit.

Nik B (au) wrote: Sometimes its fun to enter a movie with absolutely NO expectations. I had NO idea what this film was about before starting. I see the Cinemascope at the beginning and can make a prejudicial judgement that the movie is either going to be a sprawling epic; or some light-hearted / light-on-script fare that is being compensated for with brilliant technicolor cinematography that carried the mediocrity all the way to an Oscar nomination. And then I hear Frank Sinatra's theme song and realize that I'm going to be subjected to the latter. Which may be okay. The opening 5 minutes already showed more spectacular imagery of Rome than the entire duration of William Wyler's directorial flop of last year's "Roman Holiday". Hell, even a shot of the airport terminal has a grandiose wonder about it. So clearly, I'll be on this movie's side as long as we continue to see this much of Italy. The plot seems simple enough. And girly. One secretary for a US agency is leaving to find love back home. Her replacement has just arrived and is looking for her own romantic prospects. Maggie McNamara is fine in this role, but pales, of course, to Audrey Hepburn, which loses some enjoyment. The absurd part comes because of American women's obsession with "royalty". A prince is met at some societal function. The prince takes a liking to our new emigrant. But he's also clearly a skeeve horndog, effectively played by Louis Jourdan (look him up- you'll know him). This plot is mixed with the subplot of the exiting secretary getting romantically involved with an Italian coworker. That subplot takes a backseat while film continues with the main plot in a very annoying way, as the newbie Italian secretary spends 30-40 minutes manipulating the prince into liking her. In all honesty, she actually stalks him; going to his hang outs to find out personal stuff about him and then passes it off as her own ideas so that he can think that he's found someone just like him. A second subplot involves a more "experienced" American lady. This one a secretary for some famous author. So, again, the focus of the plot is on girls trying to get successful men to fall in love with them. Or, as in the other subplot, a girl getting her love interest a good job. So if you're looking for some great cityscapes/landscapes of Italy, check this film out. If you're looking for anything more substantive in plot than a romantic comedy with no real jokes, then skip it.

Kristy P (gb) wrote: Probably one of the least funny Jerry Lewis movies I've seen. Not sure if it's because it's sooo old, or if it's just because I wasn't interested in the whole buddies-at-war thing.

Dave W (es) wrote: Pointless ... I'll never get that 90 minutes back, and my ears are numb from the score...