Adventures in Africa

Adventures in Africa


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Adventures in Africa torrent reviews

Private U (de) wrote: Strong cumulative effect that makes up for a lot of frustration and meandering. Still, I've never felt so trapped in a diegetic world, and experiencing how trapped the main character is throws one hell of a punch.

Private U (ca) wrote: This is a movie about two easter bunnies, one of whom is a chain smoking misogynist, and the other an overeating depressive, and what happens when they downsized from the easter bunny corporation. Watching it I wondered if one day, maybe, I'll see a Canadian movie that's not totally utterly fucking surreal. I hope not.

David W (au) wrote: Despite an inspired cameo from Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me director) Drive Thru offers nothing. The stolen plot and horrible techniques would be acceptable if it was attempting parody but there's nothing very funny to it. Surprised by its vaguely recongnizable cast and surprised it wasn't filmed 10 years ago.

Jens R (it) wrote: A deeply disturbing documentary of the iconic serial killer Aileen Wuornos from the most acclaimed documentary film maker in the U.K., Nic Broomfield. The documentary goes much deeper, much further than anybody could have anticipated. Rather than being a doc about murders and the US legal system, it turns into a metaphysical discussion about morality, what constitutes evil, the very norms of what society considers transgressive. Nic Broomfield manages to get Aileen's sympathy and make her open up. Aileen is a woman who has been abused and raped her whole life, and as a result a lot of rage is bottled up in her. The film is a haunting odyssey of physical, emotional and spiritual pain, conveyed to the viewers by the unraveling of the hell that was Aileen's life, and more importantly through her own poignant facial expressions; you get the feeling there is something demonic inside her.

Chris W (mx) wrote: Basically this is just a low-budget indie mashup of Cool Hand Luke and Full Metal Jacket, and you know what? This might be a tired formula, but it still kinda works. Maybe it helps that this was shot docudrama style, and the cast was filled with (then) unknowns.Colin Farrell had his breakout role here, and, while he isn't quite able to completely hold the film up on his own shoulders, he's pretty good and definitely shows promising as a talented lead...even though his brogue does occasionally slip through his noble attempt at a Texan accent. The plot is that of the typical rebel without a cause named Roland Bozz out to challenge authority. The setting is a training camp in Louisiana in 1971, and this particular camp has a reputaton for being brutal, as well as the last stop for many before being shipped to Vietnam. Bozz is very capable at being a good soldier, yet he'd rather spend most of his time farting around and doing his own thing, regardless of the consequences.There's some other great performances from Clifton Collins Jr and Matthew Davis. Even Michael Shannon makes an appearance. The characters are little more than cutouts, and the actors playing drill sargeants are doing half assed and less effective R. Lee Ermey impressions, but like I said, this all kinda works. Maybe it just has to do with Schumacher getting back to basics and working with a low budget and going for a less mainstream character study. Yeah. I think it's that last one. Go check it out.

Entertain Me O (nl) wrote: 42%Drop Dead Fred is annoying but somehow has a way of getting under your skin... in a "good" way. Like, the film's display of this woman's inner psyche has actually been analyzed by psychologists! Maybe there were one or two things this film got right; but aside from that, it's a typically hard to watch screwball comedy with cheap gags.

Neil M (mx) wrote: I loved this movie when I first saw it. The storyline today seems dated but back then, revolutionary. I would really like to see it again sometime.

Ben G (gb) wrote: A smart, well-acted comedy. Goldie Hawn is sensational.

Louis F (it) wrote: A lot of fun, even if it is the most over the top sexist movie i have ever seen. I mean, sure, it's about the NAVY, but still...Oh yeah and throw in some timeless racism and you have an all amaerican 1950s NAVY movie. Tony Curtis is hot.

Henry G (ag) wrote: a classic that will last forever

Jon L (gb) wrote: It is so dense. Every single image has so many things going on.