Adventures of Johnny Tao

Adventures of Johnny Tao

Johnny Dow struggles to make a living at his small town gas station by charging motorists to see the electric guitar used by his late father a one-hit, rock and roll wonder. Legend has it ...

Johnny Dow struggles to make a living at his small town gas station by charging motorists to see the electric guitar used by his late father a one-hit, rock and roll wonder. Legend has it ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sean C (de) wrote: Overrated. Never really delivers.

Deke P (br) wrote: Love James Brown and his music, when in the mood. there's a lot to be learned from bio pics like these, of popular musicians, warts and all, but much off it can be depressing if not entirely disillusioning. Same way with Jersey Boys, which came out about the same season, about the Four Seasons.

Bloodmarsh K (fr) wrote: A group of dumbasses enter a haunted house and bad things happen.

Paul R (au) wrote: A smaller wow than Primer, but still very interesting and captivating. Can't wait to see more from Shane Carruth.

Stefan T (gb) wrote: The whole film is based in, you guessed it A Room In Rome. Dialogue driven and quite boring actually. It's one of those films I would love watching on Showcase when i was a teenager haha. Now it's nothing special.

apoorva (jp) wrote: a very different story!!!!

Antonia C (us) wrote: its really good. worth the money.

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Kiswick V (jp) wrote: The thing I like best about Miyazaki is I have no idea what's going on, let alone what's going to happen. I hope this proves as rewatchable as Spirited Away.

Kyle G (de) wrote: I dislike the man and I normally dislike these "relationship" dramas. But this one was brilliantly executed and the characters and their relationships were fantastically conveyed. It kept my interest the whole time I watched it, somehow.

Kyle B (nl) wrote: It's a darling and interesting movie about relationship that Maria Schneider shines in as well as Jean Pierre Leaud in a supporting comical role. I don't know what it is about Marlon Brando but I just don't get him sometimes. He was either mumbling or shouting in an overwhelming way and I just didn't feel the authenticity in his performance. It's well shot, directed, and written but it seems like it could have been stronger

Lowri P (br) wrote: What a charming film to watch home alone...

Harpreet S (au) wrote: Not a masterpiece as it was said in the trailer! But, a fine film, no doubt. The story is very simple. I really liked the shooting in various climate changes. It has good performances by the two leads. A powerful film about survival and friendship.

Art S (mx) wrote: One of those movies that feels absolutely predetermined from the start. A writer decides to prove that innocent men could be convicted and given the death penalty by setting himself up. Only his future father-in-law, a newspaper editor, knows the truth. Only one plot can be generated from this set-up. Nevertheless, the "trick" ending falls flat for Fritz Lang.

Marcus L (de) wrote: I guess you could call it a bit racist in its portrayal of African Americans but I really enjoyed the musical numbers, and this overall was a really neat idea.

David B (nl) wrote: Terrific wartime propaganda film directed by Alberto Cavalcanti, based on a short story by Graham Greene. There's a true sense of menace throughout, as British soldiers on a training exercise are revealed to be crack German troops, aided by fifth columnists within the English community. The villagers respond with a level of brutality unseen in other wartime films, and no character is guaranteed survival. At once a celebration of Englishness and a condemnation of the Nazi regime, this is an under-appreciated classic of 1940s cinema, which was shockingly ripped off by Jack Higgins for The Eagle has Landed.

Jasmin Lilian D (nl) wrote: Extremely moving story..

Josh S (ag) wrote: Steve Carell at his best!

Mark P (br) wrote: I laughed all the way through this film, critics hang your head in shame