AE: Apocalypse Earth

AE: Apocalypse Earth

A group of refugees from Earth land on an exotic planet, where they must fight ruthless aliens to survive.

A group of refugees from Earth work to survive on a hostile alien planet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (jp) wrote: Someone needs pucker practice.Princess Odette and Prince Derek are busy helping their kingdom prepare for the Christmas holiday. Their woodland friends help them in preparation. Prince Derek continues to see a curious cat around the area as they prepare for the holiday; little does he know, the cat can see the ghost of Rothbart, who hopes to return from the dead to take over the kingdom. Can the cat and Rothbart thwart Christmas and rule the kingdom or will Odette, Derek, and their friends thwart their plans again?"You said there ain't no bad ideas.""There ain't. But there sure are a lot of lousy ones."Richard Rich, director of The Swan Princess: Escape from Castle Mountain, The King and I, the Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure, and The Trumpet of the Swan, delivers The Swan Princess Christmas. The storyline for this series was fun and had a nice blend of worthwhile storyline and Christmas. The songs selected for the film were entertaining and I enjoyed the new animation style. "I will hunt you down and send you back where you belong."My girlfriend put my daughter and I onto this show that she loved as a kid and we threw this on while decorating the Christmas tree yesterday. This is the first time we've viewed the new animation style and we were pleasantly surprised. This is far from an all time classic holiday cartoon or addition to the genre, but this was better than I anticipated and definitely worth a viewing."Someone woke up on the wrong side of the lily pad."Grade: C

Jose Miguel G (fr) wrote: At first, it really seem to know it's own direction and objective, and clearly it is ambitious and great performances are present, but without a true focus, and an odd structure in the middle of the way, doesn't help the film to even be enjoyable when it is inteded to.

Krista N (es) wrote: I thought this was a good movie. Not the best I have seen, but worth watching.

John S (de) wrote: Describing this as worse than watching paint dry might be too generous. Don't get sucked in at the start which gives the hope that it might be interesting. It's not. The film goes nowhere, the individual scenes go nowhere and it takes forever not to get there. There might be enough actual content here for 45 minutes; probably more like 30 and a pretty boring thirty minutes at that.

Charles C (it) wrote: Bad script but decent performances. The author chose to write about an LSD experience but obviously never took LSD. Its not believable. And how fast has JLA aged? She looks fifty in this. The end is pretty ridiculous. But, if you are a SMG fan, she does Adrian Grenier in a pretty hot forest scene. Still, pass on this one unless you have seen just about everything else.

Rameshwar N (ag) wrote: I was actually dreading to watch this movie since most similar genre movies end up to be melodramatic, preachy and finally sappy. My expectation started to turn out true with an irritating opening song through the credits and character introductions, but like the movie - I couldn't get the song out of my head now. Be it Michael Rapaport's unending bickering and whining, suave looks of Uma Thurman and then a masterstroke in a mature than her age teenager role of Natalie Portman. Adding her performance with 'Leon - The Professional', Natalie Portman is yesteryear's Chloe Mortez - but that is being generous for Chloe. Every serious, melodramatic moment has a fresh twist to make it entertaining, every character superbly defined and stay true to their character till the end. It was all in all an excellent ensemble performance from all involved appraising an equally well written script. Willie (Timothy Hutton) is at a crossroads with his career going nowhere as a musician and his relationship stuck due to his commitment phobia. He decides to comeback to his hometown to attend his high school reunion while catching up on his old friends Tommy (Matt Dillon), Mo (Noah Emmerich) and Paul (Michael Rapaport) each going through different phases in their life and relationships. When Willie thinks nothing could go any worse, he falls for a 13 year old Marty (Natalie Portman) There is a wicked sense of humor here commonly not associated with movies of that era. While the director treasures and elevates some key moments, also tries to keep it a little lighter and borderline quirky. What this movie required was not great performances but spontaneous ones and gets plenty of them from the able cast, especially little Natalie Portman. The background score could have been better except for the irritatingly catchy opening song which is used extensively throughout the movie. There is a little lull somewhere before the last quarter part of the movie, but picks up quite well leading to a predictable yet well executed finish. A rare male perspective romantic comedy with a superb spontaneous ensemble performance

Seth H (ag) wrote: Alien, directed by Ridley Scott. Explores the futuristic realms of Space, with great performances from Sigourney Weaver, and crew. Alien tests the moral principles of right from wrong, as the inner beings fall apart from the inside to out. With just enough scenery, scare, and action. Alien has implemented itself into an instant classic.

Allan C (gb) wrote: My favorite non-John Ford directed western. Howard Hawks directed this film out of his dislike of the anti-McCarthyism Gary Cooper western, "High Noon." Star John Wayne hated that film because of it's politics, while Hawks reportedly disliked the film over it's namby-pamby sheriff who has to go around asking for help and can't man-up and do it himself. As with most Hawks films and just about every Wayne film, it's a very masculine picture. Wayne's Sheriff John T. Chance arrests no good Claude Akins, who drunkenly kills someone. However, Akins is connected and part of a powerful family, so Wayne has to hold off Akins' brother and his henchmen from busting Claude out of jail. Wayne does have the assistance of the town drunk, Dean Martin, and old man, Walter Brennan, a new kid in town, Ricky Nelson (who does sing a duet with Dean at one point), and also the very leggy Angie Dickinson. Ward Bond is also around too. The film honestly does meander at times and is a western that would seem dated to modern viewers, but for me, it's just a perfect western that has been influential on so many action films, everything from John Carpenter's "Assault on Precinct 13" to James Cameron's "Aliens" to Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino's "From Dusk Till Dawn." Also of note, the film was written by Leigh Brackett and Jules Furthman. On a more personal note, "Rio Bravo" was my go-to movie for testing girlfriends. And for those who know me, my wife did pass the Rio Bravo test, sitting all the way through it's 141 minutes of it and pretended to like it.