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Trevor M (au) wrote: Terrible acting, and not even in a nostalgic sort of way, embarrassing costumes and sets, and an ending that makes no freakin sense....oh and did I mention that there has to be at least 30 minutes of random dancers in those weird 80's aerobics outfits. They legitimately get more screen time than most of the characters. This is just a joke. Decent concept and it makes me interested in the book since it feels like Hunger Games meets V for Vendetta, but in no way worth anyone's time. There's a Russian opera singer gladiator who runs around in a diaper wearing a Light Bright, trying to kill people with his electric power suit....which sounds so ridiculous it should be awesome, but it gets REALLY lame really fast.

Virginia Y (br) wrote: Great movie well written and memorable characters!

Mark S (gb) wrote: A decent mix of old and new songs interspersed with snippets of Neil Young driving around his old haunts in Ontario and reminiscing. It's not essential viewing but fans of Neil will enjoy it.

Galvy F (es) wrote: When see the last time we are going to be free. When we see we are threstened, caged and used for experiments. When we see that the somethings work and are showing great progress. When we see it doesn't last long when all that could go wrong does. When we see somethings are a failure. When we see we must salvage whatever remaining dignity we can when we save and hide one. When we see that some things do work when they are passed down the life giving way rather then a shot. When we see that somethings work better then expected when their surroundings are more advanced and nurturing then others. When we see that we are better in open space then less space or enclosed spaces when we naturally are meant for the outside. When we see we cannot live domestically thst we must be enclosed. When we see that we don't belong here when we are not like others, when we are not pets, when we are not test animsls, when we are a dominant species that needs to get out of the hands of our capters. When we see we know the in and out of some places we escape. When we see that we don't go out the normal way and ho back to living the same life, we continue to remain where we are. When we see we know the in and outs but others dont know, so we lead them out the same way we got in and the same way we got out. When we see others are not suitable for the same ins and outs to know it's meant for only us. When we see the opportunity to liberate ourselves we take the high road back to our old life away from cages where we bust out off. When we see remaining out means we can no longer live back in to know we need more help and more alliances if we are to fight our way to freedom. When we see we only want to live out in the free to see we are not allowed and shot down. When we see we can't let them stop us, and find any means in that we protect what we believe in and whom brought us the inside to realize our realities. When we see that somethings in others will always be in them to always see us a certain way to which we hate and fight against that we must put a stop to. When we see that we wish to be regarded with respect and seen a different way rather what we always been seen to know we want out of our old life from our past yo our birth to lead a new present and see a future where we are accepted. When we see a future of possibilities when the world changes in our favour.

Tino P (it) wrote: Funnier and more smartly written than the average teen comedy.

Trent G (mx) wrote: It had its cute family moments, but it was mediocre at best. Jackie Chan is always fun to watch. This was a first taste of a martial arts movie for my girls, and they loved it. Maybe more Jackie Chan or Jet Li, or others in the near future? Who knows.

Torion O (us) wrote: This is the reason I enjoy fantasy so much. It's just so whimsical and adventurous without going over the top.

Angelica N (de) wrote: lite fr cklig fr mej...

Michael A (it) wrote: Reminded me alot of Heavenly Creatures

elysian m (kr) wrote: Contains the classic line "wouldn't eat the mushrooms".

solidity q (it) wrote: I don't know if it's the dated material... probably not. This was a film that captured a certain time in a certain place, it just didn't capture my attention all that well.


Gabriel C (au) wrote: Dead Poets Society is anything but ordinary.

Matthew H (us) wrote: I tried to watch this film with the most open mind I could. I couldn't get past the first 35 minutes. This film plays like it was made by aliens who read about human sexuality and relationships in a book and then tried to recreate it. You see what the filmmakers and actors are trying to do, but it's so horribly written, performed and directed that it results in boring, tedious and often hilarious parody of an erotic thriller. The dialogue sounds like it was written by a 14-year old girl writing her first screenplay in her journal. The two leads are so miscast and deadpan/flatline in their roles, I was giggling uncontrollably when it was supposed to tense, serious and sexy. This film has no tension, almost no likeable characters and is filmed in such a sterile, emotionless way that it doesn't even qualify it as a sexy, campy guilty pleasure. Really shows how much of a genius Paul Verhoeven is, making trashy erotic thrillers that actually work. What an embarrassment for all involved. Wow. FSOG is a giant steaming turd lacquered in expensive varnish.

Charlie G (gb) wrote: Enjoyable and entertaining. I'd watch it again.

Heather P (ru) wrote: The new guy in the series did a good job. They really hurt Van Damme's character in this, especially if you kept up with the series. Good action but bad story line in my opinion.