Affaire de famille

Affaire de famille

A look at the violent consequences faced by a middle-class family, as seen by three different points of view.

A look at the violent consequences faced by a middle-class family, as seen by three different points of view. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David K (us) wrote: I threw up a little in my mouth watching this lol

Kai S (ca) wrote: All I have to say is ...

Misty H (ru) wrote: This was a rather interesting movie. I appreciated the fact it wasn't very gory, but implied enough to get the idea across, quite clearly. I don't know if I would watch it again to be honest, but it was certainly worth a first viewing, I was rather pleased! On a different note, Bai Ling is actually pretty great in this movie, I didn't realize i discounted her based upon her American roles, but her performance in this piece was awesome. :)

Micheline S (de) wrote: I enjoyed this movie but some of it including the ending confused the hell outta me. Was it suppose to make little sense or am i just not getting it??

Caesar M (it) wrote: If you were to choose between watching a bad Jean Claude Van Damme flick or a bad Steven Seagal flick, choose Jean Claude Van Damme. Unlike Van Damme, the problem with Seagal is that he always sticks to the same old routine and honestly it's getting old. Today You Die is about a former thief who's been framed for a robbery and seeks vengeance on the man who framed him. The movies expect the audience to buy allot, you'll buy that Seagal is a Robin Hood like hero, but giving him an actual attractive girlfriend is little too much for some. Now the plot has nothing to offer, whenever there's an action scene Seagal easily takes out the henchmen easily in boring fashion. I like to pretend in a scene where's Seagal reading a book that the cover is never shown is the "How to choose good roles that build on your characteristics by Arnold Schwarzenegger". Or my personal favorite "The Van Damme guide to a successful career by Jean Claude Van Damme", simply wondering what book Seagal reading is more entertaining than the plot. I found it laughable that the police are constantly questioning Seagal on the whereabouts of a truck he used in a robbery even though the police clearly stated they found it several times. Expect the usual elements from Steven Seagal which includes hard to hear dialogue since he whispering, not getting hit, calm expression when someone points a shotgun at his face, and especially the "Where's my paycheck" attitude. It's a Steven Seagal film, don't expect much. Steven Seagal acting is still very much awful. I notice very quickly how the camera keeps showing Seagal back with some occasional close ups during the action scenes and it turns he didn't his own action scenes. What the point of having Seagal in the movie if he doesn't fight in his own movie. Why not simply get someone like Scott Adkins who can actually change his facial expression and does his own action scenes. Enough about Seagal awful acting, the rest of the cast at least showcase even the smallest effort in there acting. Yeah the cast acting is still bad, but it better than Seagal and that's good enough for me. During my viewing of this awful movie, I couldn't help notice that it uses footage from other movies. I know the movie had a low budget, most likely of Seagal unreasonably big paycheck, but resorting to stock footage to make the movie longer instead of sticking to the budget and keeping it short is simply cruel. The rap music in this movie doesn't exactly say action movie on it and it doesn't go with the movie in general. On the bright side the movie did have one actual star, a pre famous Chloe Moretz who appears in two scenes delivers the movie best acting. Clearly she should've been breaking bones instead Seagal. Today You Die is just another typical Seagal action flick with the same old tricks that are just getting plain boring. You're better off watching some other straight to DVD movie.

Emily M (br) wrote: Expected this to be a little funnier being the sequel to Bruce Almighty and starring Steve Carell, but it was still good!

Terry W (ca) wrote: It was a great cast full of amazing talent (especially S. Epatha Merkerson) who brought wonderfully rich characters to life. I had never really thought about the downfall of some areas when de-segregation occurred. De-segregation was obviously a place we took too long arriving at as a country -- but some areas, like this part of Lackawanna -- people de-segregated and left, leaving behind an empty community unable to sustain business. This movie really brought that home for me at the end.

Nguyen Thuy H (es) wrote: Son Frere offers a good case study on damaged familial bond. Two brothers forged a rather unlikely reunion when the elder one fell sick on thrombocytopenia. The premise is rife for sentimentality but what unfolds here is an unresolved mess, which offers no easy road to redemption.

Cristiano B (ag) wrote: You might even get scared watching this movie...provided that u r under the age of six...

Alexander R (ru) wrote: Spectacular action and over the top comedy keep this insanely paced seminal work of Jackie Chan rocking from beginning to end.

Steve G (gb) wrote: A cynical girl in wide-eyed awe of a simple man's patriotic idealism. Standard Capra fare. Yet always compelling. At first, I thought it would be another run of the mill studio production. But this film grew on me more & more as it went along, to the point where my emotional investment in the story was complete. It has more heart than a lot of similar projects. Capra succeeds drawing us in to the characters he's presenting, & allowing the viewers the opportunity to see themselves reflected in Deeds' every-man. The leads are wonderful together. Magnificent script! Cooper is stellar, as always. He gives the grandest, average common-man speeches. Arthur is at her best, as well. And look for a young, pre-Hart to Hart Lionel Stander! A story of an ordinary man in an anything but ordinary film."You've been making love to a double dose of cyanide!"

jake n (fr) wrote: y favorite Christmas movie. Anyone with kids will appreciate this movie

Thomas T (mx) wrote: With Brad Bird's direction corresponding into Ratatouille, expect exquisite animation and a wonderful cast that allows each character to make the film more relevant.

Mouh115hotmailfr M (de) wrote: ce beau film m'ineresse beaucoup,