The 1975 film by Georgi Daneliya "Afonya" was an unexpected commercial hit in USSR. The main character "Afonya" Borshev is a plumber, who spends his life partying with "buddies", many of whom he doesn't even remember after nights of heavy drinking. His wife leaves him, his boss places him on probation, his whole life is falling apart, but he doesn't realize it. Afonya met Katya at a dance club, yet didn't pay her much attention. But she is the one, who can save him... In this movie Daneliya achieves a perfect balance of satire and drama. Quotes from the movie gained a cult status in USSR.

The 1975 film by Georgi Daneliya "Afonya" was an unexpected commercial hit in USSR. The main character Borshev A.N. is a locksmith who spends his free time, as well as working hours, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tavin W (us) wrote: Better than the first

Marischa B (it) wrote: I mean, you got drama with a hint of mystery; you got sport emotions and suspense, you got genuine character development (fair play for young actors here), way above decent cast and that feel-good touch after leaving the theater...but that's just my personal take, as an active combat sports contester I must say that this side of the movie gives you pretty good inside on how it looks like through the eyes of an athlete. It's not another "bullied kid finds his master and kicks ass" movie, it is way beyond that, best to see it for yourself, you can easily take your gf with you and she will love it as well.To wrap it all up - great movie, great cast, great feeling after - why would you give that a miss?

Isaac R (kr) wrote: It is good and scary

Freddy M (nl) wrote: Fun and original. Check it out.

Jeremy S (jp) wrote: I wish they had a grade for SCI FI Channel movies because these would be a 5 star B rated cheesy movie. Horrible script and acting but funny and fun

Jiyueyue D (it) wrote: gore, distortion...and incest relationship? that is way off the limit for me. the graphics were good. but the ending is ambiguous.

Timothy F (nl) wrote: A haunting documentary that focuses on the struggle of one man to do what was good and proper in the midst of evil and worldwide apathy. It is certainly exhausting and frustrating, but it is also reassuring to know that there are still people in the world who do the best they can, even if they only meet limited success.

Josh G (es) wrote: Nicolas Cage at his near finest

Andy R (br) wrote: The ending completely kills the whole premise of this intense and very thrilling movie. One the worst ending ever though of by a human being.

ulema b (ca) wrote: just like the second,awsome!

Will F (es) wrote: LOL at this cinematic genius. Its mainly crap, but amazing at the same time because of the cast. Bon Jovi in a film? genius!

Andrew P (jp) wrote: This is the original japanese version of varan the unbeilable, it was truly an amazing film, this version is better than the american version staring Myron Healey. for all you Godzilla fans out there, If you haven't this version please do you will not be disappointed, one other thing FORGET the american version.

Dave J (au) wrote: Thursday, August 12, 2010 (1958) Saddle in the Wind WESTERN/ DRAMA Unusual for writer and creator of Twilight Zone fame Rod Serling to be involved in who has wrote the script for the film about two ace brothers squabbling until the necessary has to happen. This film is not bad and it is self- explanable except that it's a little too serious for me to enjoy watching it again! It is more of a DRAMA WESTERN film than it is a MYSTERY, or the STRANGE or even ACTION for that matter! This film is doesn't even come close to thinking Western films such as "The Searchers" or "Ride Lonesome"! 2 out of 4

Paul F (it) wrote: You gotta love Clarence...

Elia D (br) wrote: Another amazing Capra film. Walter Huston is absolutely great in this!

Jason K (br) wrote: Solid cast, solid story, solid cinematography= solid film

Greg F (fr) wrote: Not my favorite performances by the principals, but an interesting smaller movie.

Ilsa W (ca) wrote: Had high hopes for this, to be honest I'll watch anything with James McAvoy in it, but this looked very good on paper. Unfortunately despite another great performance from McAvoy I found this pretty disappointing. Which is a massive shame as the chemistry between McAvoy and Strong is fantastic, they're quite electric together on screen. It could have been something special were it not for the formulaic plot, the terrible ending and the equally terrible acting from Morrissey!

Gonalo M (de) wrote: Un clasico. Para verlo una y otra vez, no solo por el excelente guion y actuaciones sino por la cultura argentina