Africa's Deadly Dozen

Africa's Deadly Dozen


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Africa's Deadly Dozen torrent reviews

David R (us) wrote: Wonderful movie. "Fire any administrator who wants to take music out of school". Greatest line ever in a movie. The entire school rose in unison. All black and highest college rate of any HISD school at the time. New chief strangled the band and all downhill ever since for Kashmere. Arne Duncan should watch!

Robert M (ag) wrote: bored watching this movie for the 3 rd time ..why does it make me weepy?

Danny S (ag) wrote: I've heard this film described as being so bad it's good - I agree with 50% of that assessment!

Jon D (br) wrote: The world ends in inaccuracy and pure baloney. Which bible was this movie based on? I actually watched the whole movie just to have that disgusted look in my face, and laugh it off at the very end. Too bad I can't give this movie the rating it deserves, the rating only reaches down to half a star, I was thinking somewhere in the negative range.

James P (ca) wrote: A Kid's movie that's not for kids.... This is for knowone yet I liked it. It bombed because it's too childish for adults and too adultish for kids (sexual suggestions, language, mob scenes, deaths) very suggestive content. Plus it haspoop and fart jokes and an animated talking kangaroo for kids.

Ray J (de) wrote: "Captivating" and "imaginative". Brosnan in one of his better roles.

Henrik S (kr) wrote: An average American thriller that follows each and every cliche meticulously. Like so many political thrillers of a more or less serious disposition, Red Corner plays on American Xenopobia and this time it is not the Russians nor the Germans but the Chinese. A poor businessman who is as good-hearted and innocent as a flower (i.e. fictional) gets tangled up in an intrigue involing murder and deceit. What follows is a cascade of chases through narrow alleys, outrage regarding the Chinese political system and love interest of course, all you would expect and you could go out for a cigarette while watching this, come back and know exactly what is going on. That being sad, it is not a bad film per se, Richard Gere is a good lead actor and Ling Bai is beautiful to behold but if you are looking for more than dumbed-down and uninnovative US entertainment, look elsewhere. Some people claim this is a Richard-Gere anti-Chinese propagandha film, I have to say that this is not much better or worse than all of the bond films, die hard films or any other American action thriller I have seen. It is very likely that Gere took on the project to support his political views but the that does not make the film something else than it is, a dull thriller. No need to seek this out and watch out and you might catch this some Sunday Afternoon on Telly and that might be good enough. HX

George B (de) wrote: The images are breathtakingly beautiful. The story delivers a strong spirit of feminism. The background has a significant historical meaning. Neshat's award-winning film debut shows her talented artistic point of view. But if only the structure could be tighter.

Marvin B (ag) wrote: A movie about man's search for a sense of happiness in dancing. Sweet and okay.

Akiko A (it) wrote: Postman Pat as a movie is not quite good enough to spend money at the theater. Postman Pat is a television show in the U.K. and is very British in it's appeal. The movie centers around Postman Pat as one of the favorite postman in his small town of Greendale. One day a new boss takes over the postal facility wanting to modernize it. Postman Pat is busy trying to compete as a contestant in a British Talent show. He tries to balance his loyalties with the promise of a singing career, only to find he has betrayed his family, friends, and postal customers by ignoring the danger of his new boss who creates the Patbot 3000 to replace him & wants to use Postman Pat to promote it. The movie is silly, with cheesy dialog, and animation that is past it's prime. Sadly, it is not even in the same class as The Sponge Bob movie. If you are a fan of the original TV show it is very much a close translation.

Filippo V (ru) wrote: Con un uso intelligente di dialoghi e macchina da presa, Shyamalan ci regala uno dei migliori film della sua filmografia, ricco di tensione e scene veramente inquietanti. Durante la prima parte del film si costruisce una trama estremamente interessante e coinvolgente, che fin da subito riesce a trascinare lo spettatore dentro lo schermo. Queste premesse per me sono durate fino a poco prima della fine, quando le cose vengono risolte in maniera troppo frettolosa, con scelte piuttosto convenienti ai fini di una narrazione pi semplice da gestire. Nonostante questo, resta un buon film di fantascienza che mi conferma il talento di un regista molto altalenante.

Holas (nl) wrote: love that jamie gertz

Seana O (ru) wrote: typically cheesy Step Up story, but the choreography is great and the flash mob sequences are amazing.

Tyler R (de) wrote: Very enjoyable horror movie. Had a slow buildup but it got very intense near the end. Loved the actors and the characters. Wasn't gory or violent but very suspenseful as well as creepy.