Africa's Paradise of Thorns

Africa's Paradise of Thorns


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Africa's Paradise of Thorns torrent reviews

Caleb C (au) wrote: One of my personal favorite films of the year. People should really give this charmfest a chance. I couldn't say that it put's hockey to shame at all. It actually made me want to watch it more and it's ineresting how this was made. It's not what youwould expect going by the trailers. It's actually very well done and maybe my score for this is a bit high, but I couldn't help but love everything about it. My only complaint is the 4 or so one-liners from Nelly Furtado.

Rj M (ag) wrote: can i not type zero star..? First time ever i wanted to shoot myself for watching a disaster! oh God waht was this?????? sheer waste..

Jason D (ru) wrote: Dark Reel starts off promising with a beginning story of a 1950's actress being brutally murdered by someone. Now come to present day where a hot shot film executive (Lance Henriksen) makes several low budget horror films usually a wide array of scream queens, including his biggest star Cassie Blue (played by the sexy Tiffany Shepis). A special contest allows lead (but billed last oddly enough) Edward Furlong to have a walk on role in the latest movie being filmed. As luck would have it though, the female talent starts getting brutally slayed in some gory and somewhat amusing deaths. First of all, this movie is terrible. The editing is extremely sloppy as is the acting, which is just awful. Tiffany Shepis' multiple titty shots could not save this film, though they did earn it a full star! Half a star goes to the two hilarious performances by the "sound guy" as well as the "onion chef" (you'll know when you see them) and the other half of the star goes to whomever managed to get a wide range of talent (aside from the already named, Tony Todd, Rick Baker, Alexandra Holden and Tracey Walter also appear in the film to read their terribly written lines). I will say Shepis put in a convincing performance as a person who was actually sexually attracted to the goofy looking Edward Furlong. Also, this film did NOT need to be nearly 2 hours long. Showed a lot of promise but wound up being a real stinker.

Richard A (br) wrote: Every person on this film needs to be fired.The cast, of course, but especially the editor, followed by the director, and then fire all of the little privileged twerps from film school who sicophantically must have reacted as if they LIKED this diarrhea in screenings.No really. All of the money spent on this film needs to be returned. Everyone's salaries. Burn the Interpositive. Burn the prints. Delete the content. Fire everyone involved in this -- especially the retard executives who funded this tripe.

Skyler B (fr) wrote: I didn't even know this came out.

Monika K (ru) wrote: I've always wondered how this "chain of money" looks like. Now I have a good idea.

Yiwei J (nl) wrote: this was so strong and so influential, totally changed my way of looking at Yohji's designs, and design in general.

fahad a (nl) wrote: Charlie Chaplin is one of the Greatest Director/Writer/Actors of All Time . His work has inspired MAny People even if it was a Comedy .a Lot of Respect for This Man

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: Kevin James' oafish charm is not enough in Zookeeper, a stale comedy that's too raunchy for kids and too childish for adults.

Paul D (it) wrote: A lesser in the glut of 1939 classics, but still an accomplished western ruined somewhat by the desire to be as patriotic as possible.