One summer, Yo-won fails her major and just gets fired from her part-time job, while Min-sun, an aspiring actress, gets humiliated in all kinds of ways by her academic advisor. Tired of the usual obvious advice people give, they drop everything and leave on a trip to Gangleung. But, then they discover a couple of revolvers in their borrowed car - the two revolvers that Detective Kim, from the Violent Crimes Division, and Nalchi, a middle boss in the organization, lost while gambling. The girls assume the guns are fake and pull the trigger - and the window shield goes out. From then on, their plans go awry and the two girls keep getting swept up into strange events. They meet up with Young-mi, a country tearoom waitress who has a complex about her looks, and Jin-a, who dreams of revenging herself on the guy who toyed with her and led her on. When these girls, attracted by the revolvers, get together, events snowball out of control.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:112 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Korean
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

One summer, Yo-won fails her major and just gets fired from her part-time job, while Min-sun, an aspiring actress, gets humiliated in all kinds of ways by her academic advisor. Tired of the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angee M (gb) wrote: One of my favorite movies. I use lines from this movie all the time. Are you, or are you not a narc!?

Allan C (us) wrote: Hard to describe, but well done. A seriously mesed up film.

angie o (kr) wrote: I want to see this movie

Nicolas B (us) wrote: I don't really like horror movies, but I like sci-fi so I gave it a go. It matched my low expectations. Predictable jump scares, average performances (but I liked Ben Foster), aliens that looked like the mutants from "I am Legend" and a conclusion that everyone saw coming.

Becky M (fr) wrote: This was such an amazing movie, which temporarily restored my faith in humanity. That there really can be good people out there still. It had a great, yet somewhat sad ending, that I totally wasn't expecting. It was very well written, and the actors' performances were great.

Sean R (gb) wrote: It wasn't what I thought it would be. I guess I was hoping for more of a resolution with the family between the bother & sister with their father, played by Dennis Hopper. Hopper always seem to play the bad ass, mean as hell can make them character.I found it a little hard to see Nick Stahl and Charlize Theron as borther and sister. Aunt and nephew maybe.I thought that the story was too strain and was not giving enough to help things moving. Maybe I was hoping more with granddaughter and son would some how make the father understand what he had done to drive his own kids away.Annasophie Robb had done an amazing job with her role.Overall, it's not really something to sleep over, so dream of something better to rent than this.

Vivien T (ru) wrote: Tres agreablement surpris par cette comdie gay, dont je craignais les clichs. Clovis Cornillac joue son role a merveille et en plus il a un tres beau cul! ;-)

hannah b (au) wrote: Its one of the cheesiest cliched teen movies i have ever seen, however that it why i enjoy it so much, a hillarious film at times and not too shabby acting from the young cast. if you have a sense of humour you will laugh at this.

Rick R (us) wrote: A bit weak in places but a decent effort from Slater and Leto on what is a bit of a B story.

Keith M (kr) wrote: Believe it or not, this movie is actually in my collection (it was a gag gift from my best friend for my Birthday). It has never been opened. I have, however, seen it on television and it's B A D!

Tero H (es) wrote: I found this film interestingly portrayed, stylishly filmed, and skilfully acted. Nonviolent and having only purposeful scenes, it was actually a bit shorter movie than what Flixster here claims it to be. Yet it was well filmed and the story was interesting. Unfortunately, the film also left so much open and yet so little said in the end, so that the ending was a bit flatter than I looked for. I never figured out was he simply insane, or was Ligeia actually present in the mansion. Admittely the atmosphere is mesmerising. Vincent Price, and indeed all of the actors, were great. Sadly some of the things only appear silly, and I thought it was not intentionally humorous. Too bad the film relied a bit too much on weak attempts to scare instead of something deeper, which a film adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe really called for. So, ultimately a bit of a letdown by its lack of depth and odd ending, this film suffered also by its short duration. I somehow felt the story would have deserved a film adaptation more worthy of the story. Could have easily gotten four or maybe more stars from me, had the script been more thoughtfully made, meaning that it would have had more of that mystery which was now lacking and ended up with pictures of Price chasing cats , fox heads, corny looking egyptianize-statues and over played melodrama. Why did I rate this more than 3 stars? Because of the acting, the presence, atmosphere and the sympathy you are made to feel for him. It was also never boring, despite being slow-paced. So besides its lackings it is a moving and efficient film, taking into consideration also the shortness of the film. I suppose with this film one should not look beside the point into the small things, but rather see the forest from the trees. Or should I put it in another manner, to see Ligeia from the cats.

Timm S (it) wrote: The School-Boy Bachelor Humor Just Doesn't Work For What I Thought Would Be A G-Rated Kid-Friendly Disney Romp. I Found Russell Brand & Even Rob Schnider Funnier, Exemplifying Over-The-Top Characters Juuuust Right. Sander Appears Bored & Frustrated At Times, Maybe It's The Fact That This Fantasy-Story-Into-Reality Thing Has Been Done Before, & In Much Better Fashion...

Bruce B (au) wrote: wayne's world done to rap. had some funny parts, but some few and far between. relied more on the concept than the details

Dane P (us) wrote: Fantastic film with fantastic performances and a fantastic story. A mandatory watch because this film has and will stand the test of time. Its one of the greats