Afrique sur Seine

Afrique sur Seine

This film is widely regarded as the first film made by an African south of the Sahara. Labelled an “ethnological documentary in reverse,” it shows 1950s Paris from the cinematic perspective of a group of African immigrants. (Mubi)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:22 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
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Afrique sur Seine torrent reviews

Laura M (ca) wrote: On TV not in the theaters

Julia S (mx) wrote: The full star is for the great shots of Alcatraz.

Shahrukh H (kr) wrote: Great Film. Very realistic. Excellent to watch. A true movie of courage and honor.

Gavin S (ca) wrote: Congratulations, this movie is added to the VERY short list of films I've turned off. Best part is, I rented this for FREE at the Library, and yet I didn't need to waste another 45 minutes. Based on the cast and the premise it looked interesting, but the whole thing feels so forced, contrived, like it's trying soo hard to be an indie darling it forgets to actually be full of believability. One friend sleeps with the other's wife, the other disappears for 5 years, comes back, and they treat him like he's the one who acted poorly. then they're all together again, and the friend starts making out with the wife again, and when he gets mad, the wife punches him...??? WTF. Stupidity...too bad, as it was a nice cottage they were shooting it at, but we couldn't overlook how completely hard it was trying to be funny when it should have been serious, but serious when it was supposedly funny... Don't say I didn't warn you

Dave J (it) wrote: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 (2001) Sound Of The Sea (In Spanish with English subtitles) DRAMA/ ROMANCE (May contain spoils) Somewhat self-indulgent and artificially made about poor supermodel-like male poetry teacher (Jordi Moll)sweeping father's own supermodel-like servant daughter (Leonor Watling) off her feet by reciting stupid poems as opposed to being with a much wealthier but less attractive person. But really, by looking at the story plainly, boy sees girl and then knocks her up, boy then marries her but eventually becomes attracted to some other girl because he's basically a selfish bum and at the early stages has no interest in supporting his biological son, and after he gets lost at sea as the title describes, boy then gets pronounced dead after no body was ever found with nothing but a boat wreckage, months or years later girl then marries the unattractive wealthy person instead, boy then comes back out of nowhere to ask for her forgiveness after already admitting to her that he cheated on her, boy then recites more pointless poetry, boy then convinces her to leave her wealthy unattracive faithful husband and biological son to drift out to sea with him by using one of her husbands expensive boats since the star is basically a bum and has no money of his own, they drift out to sea and they both die out to sea the end. 2 out of 4

Mloy X (fr) wrote: Michael Zane (Kurt Russell): Finish your fries. Jesse Waingrow (David Kaye): You can't tell me what to do. You're not my dad. Michael Zane (Kurt Russell): Didn't anybody ever tell you about starving kids in Africa? Jesse Waingrow (David Kaye): Why? Are you gonna send them my fries? I'm not entirely sure that this film was meant to be taken seriously, but it was actually alright, if it was to be like a dark action/comedy flick like "True Romance" where everyone is messed up and learning to cope with less than ideal situations. Unfortunately, twenty minutes before the film ends, it just gets completely ridiculous (even for me) and the events turn from somewhat interesting to absolutely laughable. So in short, this was an absolute waste of time. Kurt Russell's ode to Elvis during the credits was pretty funny and totally engaging but even that is not worth sitting through two-hours of exhausting silliness.

ScubaSteve Walter M (it) wrote: Bittersweet characters that will get to you yet the piece-of-life storytelling didn't work out for me. I wish there's more to Sydney.

Clinton L (br) wrote: Watched online. Decent for an 80's movie!

Dan S (de) wrote: "He stuck his finger in your what?!"

Adam R (ca) wrote: Certainly reflects the occasional tedium of warfare by being incredibly boring itself. Apart from a visually-intriguing bombardment sequence in the middle of the movie, "War Hunt" is incredibly badly paced, with shallow, uninteresting characters underdeveloping along a cliched "War Is Hell" trajectory. The central relationship between the psychotic soldier and the North Korean boy he keeps is incredibly bizarre, and I dread thinking more deeply about the ramifications of this, the only real dramatic, non-static element of the film.

Michael T (us) wrote: One of Martin & Lewis' full-fledged musicals (an adaptation of the Broadway musical "Hazel Flagg") is colorful and breezy; Sheree North has a specialty dance.

Waleed A (fr) wrote: not bad. some dumb stuff and questionable parts, but the story kept me into it and i became invested in the characters. it wasn't as suspenseful or fast-paced as it could have been, or would have been if it was made ten years later. (2 viewings)

Gading G (au) wrote: Lovely movie about kid-romance . Miss this kind of movie since Josh Hutcherson's Little Manhattan :)

Adam T (au) wrote: It's the type of comedy you can laugh at 24/7