Afrique, une autre histoire du 20e siecle

Afrique, une autre histoire du 20e siecle


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Afrique, une autre histoire du 20e siecle torrent reviews

Dennis L (fr) wrote: The script relies heavily on old formula and there's nothing new here. It's good entertainment nevertheless.

Alex r (kr) wrote: Brilliant documentary on Anonymous, the Hacktivist group responsible for Civil Disobedience. This is a captivating film, a film that tells us a thoroughly entertaining story that we can get a clear understanding of the group's intentions and why they do this. Featuring interviews from its members, the documentary is a must watch and in terms of the documentary genre of film, this is one of the most stunning works as its subject is thoroughly captivating. I greatly enjoyed the film, and it's a riveting look at the group. I won't put my personal feelings on the group in the review, but I will say this, you can watch the film, and you definitely get a clear understanding of what they do, and decide for yourself if what they're doing is right or wrong. Even if you're for or against what they stand for, you have to agree that they have made an impact on the modern digital age. The film is well worth seeing, and as a documentary, it delivers a stunning portrait of it captivating subject matter. This in many ways is an important film because it tells us the story of one of today's most notorious groups, a film that delivers a thoroughly engaging look at a group that has a take no prisoners attitude towards free speech and other endeavors. Brilliant in showing that, it also shows different perspective on the group from within and outside as well. The film tells about the history of hackers, and it's a riveting, engaging and memorable film that is well worth your time if you're interested in the subject.

Brice B (ru) wrote: After "Snakes in the plane", another great idea with "Poltergeists and Ghosts in the plane"... The movie is still interesting to watch because it's a Thai production. Not worst than most of the US horror movies nowadays anyway!

Faisal M (de) wrote: really enjoyed the movie a lot and each and every actor acted very well.. i liked how the different stories collide in the end. tusshar should do these types of movies more as it suits him.. overall a very enjoyable movie.

Robbie T (au) wrote: To be honest, this is not that bad. It got some funny moments, good lines, and a bunch of nice side characters. However, the CG is terrible. And worst of all, the poster and how it marketed the film are the 2 major reasons that made it became a box-office flop.

Nipun M (es) wrote: Its a tp weekend does match hollywood stds and may b even better than sum of the movies made der......i hope more of such movies come out in the near future..

Laura B (au) wrote: Well-shot documentary into the mysterious life of Japanese organized crime. There are some small unexpected twists to the story of Naoki, the 20-y.o. goober who does a tryout in the clan. But by far the most interesting/bizarre person is the boss man himself-- check out where he goes when he hits some trouble. He hints at it early on. It will blow your mind.

Dimity P (br) wrote: Liked it-was just in the mood for this movie. I dig the whole immigrant in Britain in experience and this one was well-done.

Leah L (it) wrote: Touching story about coming of age in 1970s Brazil. Great capture of what its like to be that age!

Juhi R (us) wrote: Hey, I've seen it thrice and liked it all three times. Yes, the dialogues are quite amusing (unintentionally) but it's a great story.

Julie M (kr) wrote: Religious leaders are both charismatic and dangerous in this very in depth look into cults and their effect on the individual. A movie/documentary. Many truths to this film. Harvey Keitel is always so natural and comfortable in his own skin. Kate Winslet is very convincing. Portions of this movie are a little creepy. Some sexual content, which is always cool.

Movie M (au) wrote: Although I'm not Greek, many of the jokes about the Greeks can apply to other cultures and backgrounds, so you can relate to this movie pretty much no matter who you are. There are so many characters in this movie, which in itself, is one of the jokes, but it feels like you know them all, and to me it's pretty relatable especially if you come from a large family. The comedy is light and very fun, the family is hilarious, and even if you relate to only a portion of the movie, it is an enjoyable time.

David B (mx) wrote: I absolutely love this movie! I will watch this movie until the day I die! I also got to play Brother Boy in a production here in Denver! So much fun!