Afstiros katallilo

Afstiros katallilo

Two young Greek filmmakers seeking financing for their film "The End of the Passion" and end up with "Panourgias" a former porn-king of the 70s. He agrees to shoot the film but he also has another secret plan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mahmoud E (fr) wrote: the worst action movie i have ever scene

Michelle B (mx) wrote: One of my fav moviez! Farrell and Norton both terrific actorz!

Sarah E (kr) wrote: I love this movie so much! i also

Anthony V (au) wrote: If you have nothing better to do, this might fill your time.

monsieur r (mx) wrote: Mildly entertaining comedy of two ill matched lovers, the opposites in every respect but, gulp, love. William Powell plays the unusual part of a near gypsy movie director, living out of a trailer, free as a bird. Loy is a wealthy near socialite who controls everybody around her. The first half of this film lays the groundwork for the two and is not easy to get through by today's standards. The ending is wildly over-the-top, with lots of extras filling the wedding screen. Powell gets knocked out 4 times inside of 5 minutes, some sort of record. Pure fantasy from the start to finish, this has to be Powell's most out of character role, more suited for Cary Grant. Loy can barely act comedic, even though the scene tryes to make her so. This is barely worthy of watching, unless you have lots and lots of time to sit through it. Loy asks Powell if he is on "dope", a shocker to hear. The title is all about two couples in love, the younger couple 4 years into a relationship, the older (Powell/Loy) barely into one. Notice the wedding cake on the credits and at the end of the film..... the two figures at the top of the cake are the grooms! NOTES: 1 Powell later described finishing the film as "very difficult under the circumstances". 2 Myrna Loy, who had been good friends with Harlow, wrote in her autobiography that she disliked the film because of Harlow's death and that it was "the scapegoat for concurrent despair". CAST William Powell as Charlie Lodge Myrna Loy as Margit Agnew Florence Rice as Irene Agnew John Beal as Waldo Beaver Jessie Ralph as Mrs. Kensington-Bly Edgar Kennedy as Spike Sidney Toler as Mr. Keough Mary Gordon as Mrs. Keough Barnett Parker as Mr. Flint Katherine Alexander as Claire Lodge, Charlie's ex-wife Priscilla Lawson as Felice Bert Roach as Shrank Directed by Richard Thorpe Produced by Joseph Mankiewicz Written by Ferenc Molnr (play) Jo Swerling Music by Edward Ward Cinematography William H. Daniels Harold Rosson Editing by Frank Sullivan Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Release date(s) October 15, 1937 Running time 85-87 minutes

Aj V (it) wrote: Great acting from Cheney, but other than that, the story is predictable. It's that old story of a guy who just happens to find a young girl, raises her like a daughter and then falls in love with her when she is older. The ending was really good too. Overall, it's a pretty good movie, but it would have been better if the story weren't so predictable.

Ian C (au) wrote: Rhys Meyers nearly ruined this film what a cunt. Travolta is the baddest mutha f**ka since Liam Neeson in Taken. He's off the frickin radar.

Stuart P (it) wrote: Gleeson's portrayal of Churchill is excellent. The film is not entirely driving in terms of its narrative, and it could have painted some of the intricacies of Churchill's character a little better, but it is a compelling biopic well worth watching.

Connor F (au) wrote: Fell in love with it as a kid, and still delivers now

Farah R (ag) wrote: Parkland gives an insightful analysis to the assassination of President Kennedy.