When two bus crash survivors awake to discover that they are the only people left in their small town, they must form an unlikely alliance in a race to unravel the truth behind their isolation. As strange events begin to unfold, they start to question whether the town they know so well is really what it seems.

Two survivors in a bus crash wake up and find themselves in a small town that no one live in. Gradually discovering their ability to time-traveling, the dual learn to use the special ability to find out what has happened and find their way back home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mark v (nl) wrote: Boring half assed plot with no real direction.

Paul O (kr) wrote: Was pleased with the happy ending.

Bengel W (br) wrote: Get ready for a non serious karate movie with lots of action and comedy. Filming is urban and captures the aggression and action with jest. The interaction of YunFat and Seann are worthy of the meditative time and effort put into their screen characters. The story though familiar is polished and steady allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable time. Nibbles: Tortilla Torte.

Jennifer E (gb) wrote: A very strange, but intriguing movie. No way to explain it - but one of those random flicks with weird premise and 2 good actors worth watching.

Joshua B (de) wrote: A great movie about Nixon's rise and fall from power. It is greatly acted by Hopkins and well directed by Stone who mixes stock and filmed footage. together.Its only defects are at times it can have uneven pacing and Oliver Stone can play fast and loose with real events and people as he does. However a great movie.

Jonathan D (kr) wrote: At the time of this writing, Disney-Pixar's Up has received a 98% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. That means that 98% of the nation's movie critics have given it the "thumbs up." Such a high rating almost never happens.That said, any movie, no matter how great, can be over-hyped, which can ruin the experience. For example, Ratatouille received such acclaim that my initial viewing of it was met with disappointment (though I appreciated it much, much more the second time around). So, in the interest of not raising the bar too high, I will simply say that Up continues Pixar's streak of excellence.Combining poignant and profound themes with memorable characters and a contagious sense of adventure is par for the course for the group that brought us Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, and Wall-E. What do all these films have in common? They effectively tap into our childlike sense of wonder while never insulting our intelligence or emotional maturity (or that of children, for that matter).Likewise, Pixar makes the most visually stunning and sharply humorous films of anyone doing animation right now. In fact, they make some of the best films, period. Up is no exception, and it ranks particularly high on my Pixar list because it did something the others didn't. It made me cry. Twice. Up got me going, with a pair of wordless moments (one towards the beginning, the other towards the end) that drive home how precious of a gift our lives are, as well as the people in them.Don't worry, though, the movie is more of an adventure-comedy than a tearjerker. It simply has a beating heart, as the best adventures (and often the best comedies) do. It's thrilling. It's funny. For some reason I felt it dragged very slightly in the middle before kicking into high gear for the third act, but that's a minor complaint for something so thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. Oh, by the way, I wanted to take Doug (the dog) home with me. You will too. MY GRADE: A.

Richard S (ru) wrote: A nice film to catch on TV some night.

Jim B (ca) wrote: Good WWII movie about the only German prisoner of war to escape from Britain and back to Germany. The bit where he is trying to steal a Hurricane fighter is nail-biting stuff.

Ernest C (ru) wrote: Utterly charming, gorgeous and without any cruel cynicism, what starts out as a story about a boy who lives in a railway station emerges to become a film about the magic and wonder of films.

Terence K (ag) wrote: Best Comedy in A while

Alvin Y (es) wrote: British gangster filmmaking at its best. A true great performance of a lost actor of the 80s, and bloody good mate jolly. Sadly, Pierce Brosnan wasn't recognized at all!