After Hours

After Hours

An ordinary word processor has the worst night of his life after he agrees to visit a girl in Soho whom he met that evening at a coffee shop.

An ordinary word processor has the worst night of his life after he agrees to visit a girl in Soho whom he met that evening at a coffee shop. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A A (jp) wrote: Zombie Type: "Zemons" (demon zombies); basically fast-walking (they don't really sprint) undead Outbreak/Apocalypse Phase: Initial outbreak (characters experience the outbreak as it happens) Sub-genre: Goofy Horror, Dark Comedy Dead Before Dawn had an awesomely cheesy late 80's/early 90's vibe right from the start that carried the fun all the way to the very end. I'm a sucker for 80's cheese (hell yeah gimme some cheddar), so throw in some zombies and it's like crack for me. I had a good time watching this movie. The first 20 or so minutes were a bit slow, but it's all fun once the stuff hits the fan. The basic premise involves a group of college kids fighting off the zemon menace. Main character Casper Galloway (played by "Diary of a Wimpy Kid's" Devon Bostick) is the grandson of Horus Galloway (great Scott, he's played by Christopher Lloyd!), the owner of a store called "Occult Barn." When Casper agrees to watch the store while the elder Galloway steps out to grab something, his friends accidentally unleash a curse that turns its victims into "zemons" and spreads itself from person-to-person either via eye-contact with Casper and his friends after 10pm or hickeys from the already infected. But wait! The zemons can be turned into your personal slaves if you seduce them with a French kiss! Needless to say, this movie's charm comes from the fact that it doesn't take itself the least bit seriously. That's all you need to know. Dead Before Dawn is a bit over-the-top (not insanely crazy, more slapstick and funny than anything), surprisingly funny, cheesy, and fun to watch. I'm lucky to have found so many enjoyable zombie movies over the past month after years of sifting through random crap on Netflix. Final Verdict: Recommended. Goofy, cheesy, funny, great to watch with a group of friends. If what I just typed doesn't immediately turn you off, go watch Dead Before Dawn!

Ollie W (nl) wrote: A superb film that consists of two, very different parts. The initial flurry of Gregoire's hectic film-producer life, juggled with the responsibilities of his young family is wonderfully exposed by a combination of Hanson-Love's subtle direction and editing and a magnificent Louis-Dominque De Lencquesaing performance. As his character slowly and tragically unravels, the film takes a sudden and unexpected turn, switching focus to his family and the way in which they must struggle to understand a man who has allowed his reputation and career to define him and whose considerable struggle in this current global financial crisis is a private, unmentioned affair. Powerful, memorable and devastating, this complex study of the fragility of the male psyche and of the ramifications of family responsibility, is a truly masterful piece of contemporary cinema.

George Q (ag) wrote: A Arte do Pensamento Negativo (Dir: Bard Breien) Belo filme noruegus sobre aleijados em terapia de grupo. Vai a?

Ola G (kr) wrote: Four small-time Copenhagen criminals; Torkild (Sren Pilmark), Peter (Ulrich Thomsen), Arne (Mads Mikkelsen) and Stefan (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) met during their teens and they all share a tragic childhood with abuse and sad consequences. They are assigned by the crime kingpin Fringen (Peter Andersson) to break into a house and retrieve a briefcase for him, a briefcase that proves to contain 4 million. The leader of the four, Torkild see this as his way out of a criminal life and become a normal citizen. He takes the decision to flee to Barcelona with the money and his three companions. But, already on Jylland their car breakes down and they seek refuge in an abandoned house. Because of a gunshot wound Peter got during the break in, the four have to wait to proceed with their journey to Barcelona until he recovers. In order to not create too much attention from the locals, they pretend that they are renovating the house to open a restaurant. But, their past eventually catches up with them...This sort of black action comedy genre became popular in Denmark with "In China They Eat Dogs" that came out in 1999 based on a screenplay by Anders Thomas Jensen, whom also wrote and directed "Flickering Lights". We see a similar sort of set up with a lot of dark humour and quite violent sequences in "Flickering Lights". The story is based on the main characters tragic upbringing and what they became and how certain events in the movie change their view on life and what sort of life they want to live future wise. Meaning the moral here is that despite a tough life and a criminal background theres always a way out for a better life that wont make you end up dead. And with the combination of friendship, love, happiness and identity the story becomes rich and endearing. Certain scenes are really over the top and absurd (and at times you simply cant help but burst out in loud laughter), but due to the fact that Jensen has a great cast at his hands with Pilmark, Thomsen, Mikkelsen and Kaas (all magnificent in their roles) they manage to balance it perfectly and never drops the ball. The dialogue is witty and funny as well within all the complexity. I reckon you can see a touch of Tarantino in this as well, which I think Jensen would be happy to hear. You might even call it an homage to Tarantino. It still holds up pretty well 14 years later. And once youve seen "Flickering Lights" you will never forget Mikkelsens gun toting psychopath Arne...

Ce Khan C (mx) wrote: Some love stories live forever....And so will this movie...Two great superstars offers superb acting......Seeing two talented actors like Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh work side by side was mind blowing...The story reminds us that love is all powerful and with it we can overcome the most difficult of situations...Gurlz were ok...The soundtrack is amazing...Violin Music was melodious...Locations were mind blowing....skimpy clothes were good...watchable movie

Eric R (it) wrote: Tom Tykwer's Heaven is a film which I feel like I should have liked more than I actually do. Honestly, I am not entirely sure why I didn't like it more. Going into the film I had no idea that Krzysztof Kieslowksi wrote the screenplay, but in the end it made a ton of sense. It's a film that examines fate and the complexities of morality, looking at deeply flawed humane characters, which tend to be recurring themes in Kieslowki's work. Cate Blanchett is really fantastic in this film as this deeply flawed woman who has to deal with the guilt of killing four individuals in a bombing, missing her actually target because of unforeseen chance. While the film is full of great ideas and features some great moments of intimacy, I never felt as emotionally connected as I probably should have. The film is beautifully composed with Tykwer using an abundance of wide shots which I interpreted as a statement about how tiny the individual is int he scope of the universe and fate. I guess I just had some trouble accepting Giovanni Ribisi's characters decisions as they felt more necessary to the story than actually genuine. An interesting work for sure, but I couldnt help but wonder what Kieslowski would have done if he got the chance to direct it.

Senor C (jp) wrote: Robert Duvall unknowingly double crosses the mob on a bank job & goes up the creek. Released from prison he wants a payback of $250 000. Until he gets his payment he continues to rob the syndicate (call it a little extra). It's really too bad that so many really good movies from the 70s sorta slip through the cracks. The Outfit is little heard of but it's solid w/ good performances all around especially from Robert Duvall. A great character actor this is a good addition to his resume. Rounding out the cast is Karen Black & I found her annoying more often then not (thank god she bit it) & Joe Don Baker of Walking Tall fame. I don't think Baker is giving up cigarettes anytime soon

Smashproplaya (it) wrote: A Holiday Classic that will live on.