After Innocence

After Innocence

A moving account of the experiences of men exonerated after years, and sometimes decades, in prison following newly found DNA evidence.

A gripping, emotionally charged film that follows wrongfully convicted men freed by DNA evidence after decades in prison as they struggle to transition back into society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dennis R (nl) wrote: R (for strong and disturbing sexual conetnt, graphic nudity, language throughout, and drug use) NEVER SAW ANY!

Nadhira A (ag) wrote: awesome casts, but i don't really like the story. kinda boring, although in the end it's really sad :'(

Brian J G (es) wrote: After all this time, I saw this back in early 2013. This movie is still in my top 10. Great, true to life. You don't want this movie to end. I'm so happy I saw it, I just wish I could've saw it in theaters. I recommend to everyone, this perfect coming of age flick.

Arif Y (es) wrote: Can you have NEGATIVE stars???

Matthew W (jp) wrote: Didn't capture the essence of the TV show and was a really forced storyline that was unfortunately both predictable and unbelievable.

Jess L (nl) wrote: An enjoyable fluff movie. From the opening titles you know this romantic comedy is going to deliver. Up beat music sets the mood and you can forget all of your troubles and watch this mindless and feel good film for an hour and a half, perfect rom com running time. The premise is simple yet entertaining; older woman and younger guy, can it work? With both lead characters working on a teen television show 'You go girl', one as Producer and one as the new actor. Sparks fly and so forth. The interesting thing about this movie is the use of Tracey Ullman as Mother Nature, narrating the film for us and even appearing throughout, Pfeiffer's character even talks to her. Whilst some say this addition isn't necessary and doesn't work I disagree. Had the character and performance been lacking then yes it would have seemed pointless, but Ullman's performance was funny and her dialogue rang true.The cast itself became a who's who of 'Clueless' alumni with some very enjoyable performances. Pfeiffer is somewhat annoying in this role, mostly because she's playing the old mum who's still "hip and cool", and she also walks like a man. That aside she takes to this comedic role quite well and has some entertaining moments.Paul Rudd makes this film, he is a seriously underrated comic actor that nails his role in this film. Absolutely hilarious and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Some great performances from supporting cast also, Fred Willard is as usual hilarious and Stacey Dash plays the airhead actress perfectly.Overall an entertaining and funny romantic comedy that only minimally drifted towards corny and cliche, this was particularly so in the ending. However if you can go into watching this movie with an open mind and just enjoy it for what it is the you just might like it.

Duffy L (jp) wrote: Bullshitt!! This is a great movie! At least 95%

Lindsey W (it) wrote: Cute and hilarious! :) I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus too. It was gross. ;P

Whit w (ru) wrote: Gamera is a big monster turtle. He started out as a baddie in his early flicks but soon became a protector of children. These 60's and 70's giant monster movies (Gamera and Godzilla included) worked pretty hard to lure children into the theaters as their adult audiences sank. This is noticeable in the Godzilla flicks but is without question what the makers of Gamera movies were after. This is a terrible movie. The acting is horrid, the plot is simplistic and disjointed and the effects, even for a 60's movie, aren't very good. The giant monster costumes are cheap and stiff and the child actors are painful to watch. But, defying all odds, this thing is fun. The monster action is the most enjoyable. It's utterly ridiculous but I ate it up. And for a kids' movie, it's really violent. In one fight between a winged giant and Guiron (who has a knife blade for a head), the flying beast loses it's right leg. Since it can't walk anymore, it takes to the air. When it swoops down to attack Guiron, Guiron jumps into the sky and slices off one of its wings. The flyer then crashes to the ground and rolls around in pain while its severed wing spasms nearby. Then Guiron lumbers over and cuts off its other wing. The carnage continues with Guiron chopping off its head! Then, ignoring all sense of remaining sympathy for what must have been traumatized children everywhere, Guiron saws the remaining torso into slices! Later, a couple of alien women feed two boys some donuts laced with knockout drops, shaves one of the boy's head bald, and slowly lowers a spinning Dremel to his freshly shorn dome. She is interrupted before boy blood is shed, but still, that had to be scarier than Hell to the wee ones in the theaters back in the day.

Saharat S (gb) wrote: The film tracks three Iranian women during the 1953 coup d'etat backed by the US and Great Britain. It shows a relatively cosmopolitan country with hints of the Islamic repression to come. It gives some context to the current US-Iran relationship without being preachy or anti-US. The three main characters are a prostitute, a former actress/singer, and a woman coming to terms with her search for that traditional marriage. The depth of the women's struggle is a bit oversimplified and the cinematic interface between reality and "fantasy" is a bit awkward.

Juan Diego L (nl) wrote: Es muy chistosa y entretenida, la qumica entre Robert Downey Jr. y Val Kilmer es muy buena, la historia es divertida y no me sent aburrido en ningn momento.

David J (br) wrote: I thought this political drama was pretty good. The acting at times was impeccable; Gosling, Clooney, Tomei and Hoffman were especially admirable. The plot, though occasionally muddled to me, was plausible and I thought it was pretty clever at times. I appreciated the original plot.