After The Dark

After The Dark

At an international school in Jakarta, a philosophy teacher challenges his class of twenty graduating seniors to choose which ten of them would take shelter underground and reboot the human race in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.

Film’s background is in an international school in Jakarta led by professor Michael. He chooses a group of the 20 smartest students participating special learning program. They will go to a mock environment through an imaginary door and face up to challenges which are natural calamities outside the Earth. Who will be the chosens? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rhona a (kr) wrote: amazing film with great ending. Beautifully constructed film with bags of originality (often lacking in main stream films) the Rocket is utterly impressive. Cinematography, music and fantastic performances form the young cast make this a film that you will not forget. The film is fun and uplifting whilst carefully balancing serious issues past and present that a country, which the west knows little about, is facing. A triumph.

Spencer P (nl) wrote: Crisply animated and emotionally involved in a beautiful atmosphere almost with a mind of its own, along with a very light story that represents a breather in today's frenetic movie world, this not only ranks the top of my Studio Ghibli list, but it's one of the most top-notch (and underrated) kids' movies ever.

Alberto V (nl) wrote: Para fans de Daddy Yankee solamente, la pelicula no es mala pero la narrativa y la edicin no son las mejores, el cine latinoamericano ha crecido y no hay que disculparla por muchos errores que comete esta cinta que sirve solo como un gran vehiculo para que Daddy Yankee se lance como actor. La cinta refleja una realidad latinoamericana pero en parte porque no creo que en Puerto Rico los policias sean tan ineptos. La cinta intenta ser un "8 Mile" combinado con "New Jack City" y con cuanto cliche de cintas de ghetto y gangsters combinados con rap. Si gusta de la msica de Daddy Yankee y el reguetn, quizs la disfrute pero de all no mucho ms rescatable.

Anthony N (ca) wrote: Dude that was an Amazing title to a movie

Rink S (mx) wrote: I saw "Beyond the Gates (Shooting Dogs)" before I saw this movie. So it was very hard for this movie to really shock me. Still it did touch me and make me sad. Horrible to think that this was only 16 years ago.

Megan H (ag) wrote: this is my little black book lol

Barry H (ca) wrote: A must in your Will Smith collection!

Stefan W (gb) wrote: Think i stopped watching these after the last one. But my daughter has read it and I will soon be watching it with her.

Timothy P (au) wrote: John Candy is endearing as ever. The rest of the movie is awful.

Courtney A (es) wrote: I really love this movie! Since this movie and the first are the best of the series period! Danny Glover is non stop action in this movie and I love that the ending began a tradition of the strongest getting rewarded by the Aliens if you survive.

Private U (ru) wrote: So trashy and full of crap and bad acting, that it's just enjoyable :-)

Pavan R (fr) wrote: An average mystery thriller with Clint Eastwood. Slow to medium paced and too much detective work I thought.

Jonathan B (it) wrote: Well, yes, 2 stars is perhaps a little unfair as I actually did (secretly) quite enjoy this movie but if you see the movie poster, you kind of know everything you need to know. If I'm honest, I couldn't understand a word Sylvester Stallone said the entire way through it and that probably counted in its favour. The plot is complete pantomime to the point that I wouldn't have been surprised had Eric Roberts appeared with a flash and cloud of green smoke and proceed to tie the token female to some train tracks. There are a lot of explosions, some fairly pointless running around, some hideously clichd portrayals of South Americans, probably a huge number of inaudible swear words and a hideous amount of knife based violence. The movie certainly doesn't add anything to the medium but really just serves to swell the coffers of the ageing action-hero hip replacement fund. They're all in it. Even Dolph Lundgren who plays some kind of homicidal maniac that goes on the most inexplicable story arc throughout the film. There is one little chink, one shining example of brilliance, that actually pulled me up momentarily, provided by Mickey Rourke. He gives one speech in a small scene that really shows what a fine actor this man is and highlights how wasted he is in this kind of drivel. They've squeezed two further sequels out of this format. I shudder to think...but I expect on a sleepless night, when there's no new episodes of The Great British Bake Off to catch up on, I'll be tempted to see just how bad this series can get.