After the Dawn

After the Dawn

A survivor of warfare born chemical attack, Cassie Becker faces a new world of terrible realization. The Human race has suffered terrible recourse in the wake of an attack that never should...

A survivor of warfare born chemical attack, Cassie Becker faces a new world of terrible realization. The Human race has suffered terrible recourse in the wake of an attack that never should... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Samuel M (gb) wrote: Aunque ciertamente prometedora en muchos aspectos, desde los plantamientos de la trama hasta la propuesta esttica, la secuela de Ouija me ha resultado algo fallida.Evidentemente, si la ponemos en contraposicin de su anterior entrega, o incluso la comparamos con mucho cine de terror actual, la obra de Flanagan sale ganando, y con ventaja. Sus personajes estn bien escritos, es consecuente con su propuesta visual, la trama intenta ser lo suficientemente profunda y no un simple relato de fantasmas y muertes.Pero eso es solo al principio, y conforme avanza la trama iremos viendo poco a poco los tpicos cliches del cine de terror para adolescentes: sustitos para entretener, trama supercomplicada pero explicada hasta tal punto que resulta tediosa...y...ojo SPOILERS, doctores malignos nazis......s....leis bien. El problema se intensifica cuando nos damos cuenta de que la trama, por fuerza, tiene que cerrarse intentando atar cabos con la anterior y entonces es cuando ya pierde para m todo atisbo de calidad.Origin of Evil se habra beneficiado mucho ms de haber sido un reboot completo o de ser una pelcula totalmente independiente. Podra haberse tomado el tiempo para explorar la dinmica de una madre que quiere reencontrarse con su esposo muerto, pero al mismo tiempo teme por la vida de su hija; la historia podra haber tomado giros ms interesantes hacia el final, etc.Aun as, no es ni mucho menos una pelcula terrible...

Shreekara B (de) wrote: "Its not ones birth star decides whether he is lucky or unlucky, its his inspiring deed that decide whether he is lucky to others or not'' well, luck is just an unpredictable phenomena, its not something that to be imposed on the basis of time or situation.2013's Australian's Lao movie ''The Rocket'' neatly narrates the story of a boy by the name Ahlo who was fist believed to be the curse to their family later turn out to be an actual lucky champ to the entire village, this movie is about the tribal family who migrate in search for the permanent settlement but faces various problems due to Ahlo's mischief, the entire thing turns around when Ahlo shows an interest to participate in a traditional rocket competition to score a prize money for his family settlement, but entire family disapprove his intention of participating in the competition because of his bad luck, in such situation Ahlo's only hope was his friend 'Purple' who helps him in building a rocket for the competition, villagers believed that the rocket which goes high in the air explodes the cloud and brings rain, Ahlo's strong dedication and hope makes him the winner of that competition and at last his rocket brings rain to the village, thus Ahlo turn to be the lucky one. The way the movie had been taken is so fantastic, entire making is fine and neat, those little artists are just mind blowing, this film has come very well with great realistic performance by the entire cast, irony, emotion are properly mixed and presented together, it's an awesome work with some little mega-mini talents.

Titan R (es) wrote: A pretty solid concept, and though it's been done before, I don't think the whole "protagonist sees dead people" theme has ever been catered to a young audience. Stop motion is, as always, a sight to behold, though honestly, the film takes a route that didn't really fit. Our protagonist, Norman, is a bullied misfit, and by God does the film drive it into the ground. The first 20 odd minutes is Norman getting ruthlessly ostracised by both friends and family. Perhaps just the one or two scenes could've given off the fact that he was a misfit, and more time could've been spent in fixing up the messy concept. I hated the main villain, mostly because their intentions really didn't make sense. However, I LOVED all the characters, vicious and comical stereotypes coupled with great voice actors. Really, the only thing that let it down was the general conflict, vital to the structure of the film. If you can get past that, it's a quality horror kids film.

Cedric L (us) wrote: Slightly better but still very bad.

Yuri B (au) wrote: Prime example of an 80's cult classic film.

Jack H (au) wrote: I actually like this one more than others do. It has very few flaws and is a pretty good installment.

Kyle O (jp) wrote: A movie about 4 adults fighting. If that sounds like something you're into then go for it. If you were just curious, like me, it's probably not worth your time.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: Banning this film in the UK was actually a justice to the potential viewer!

Jackson P (ru) wrote: Ehhh... Matthew Broderick has a not so great performance

Dylan B (nl) wrote: Documentary about Boyd Rice, which I found most of these people are so far up their own ass and full of shit.