After the Wizard

After the Wizard

A 12-year-old Kansas orphan turns to the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman for help during a difficult time. She imagines that things have not gone well in Oz since the Wizard left and that the...

A 12-year-old Kansas orphan turns to the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman for help during a difficult time. She imagines that things have not gone well in Oz since the Wizard left and that the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


After the Wizard torrent reviews

Jillian S (ag) wrote: so beautiful and so heartbreaking.

Joseph R (ag) wrote: Implied objective of the movie's main thematic component did not reach the anticipated potential mostly by being sidetracked to subjects, though slightly disconnected, of arguably equal importance.

Juan R (us) wrote: Fuertemente recomendada

Les E (br) wrote: Enjoyable watch. The story isn't up to much but the characters are believeable in an unpleasant sort of way. Mirren and Pesci find it easy to shine bright surrounded by bit part actors.

Isabella D (jp) wrote: Kind of a sad movie, loved the end though. I also liked the way the whole film shows the conflict that can happen inside one's was very real. Although this film was one of the rare ones that didn't really have a happy ending (or beginning or middle, for that matter), it was all the better for it. It wouldn't have seemed true any other way.

Jess B (nl) wrote: Whats that saying? Hell hath no furry like a Woman scorned? Im pretty sure they were talkin bout her. Lady Death was pretty fricken sweet. This movie rocked of hardcore brutal death,and despairage.There was skull bashing,head slicing and blood splattering, all the things you love in a movie right? Not to mention Lady Death has some killer big ***s. Anyway if you're a fan of Barbarian epics, I think you'll like this. Yeah it coulda been more brutal, there should have been a gigantic fire breathing dragon or something but, it still kicked a$$. As great as the Wonder Woman movie was, this was much better in terms of action, but im afraid that WW had this beat in terms of story and presentation. Although this had some really nice visuals, besides Lady Death's massive chest. Anyway where was I ? Oh yah , I think this movie should be granted a sequel. I'd totaly say it's on par if not better than the cult film Heavy Metal.(another death metal homage). So If dark anime is your thing, you gotta check this out. Think about this, what kind of a statement is it when Satan is your father and you visciously murder him with no regret? I think thats pretty bold. What other characters can actualy say that? I mean she overcame the mass armies of hell itself ( with a little help of course ). The movie is a tad anticlimatic. You'd think the ruler of all evil and darkness would be just a little more powerful but nawww. Turns out he can get his head chopped off and die fairly easily. I cant say for sure how well it stacks up compared to the comics, but Im betting they missed a few things. I read from the creator that he is quite disatisfied with this release, so there is much need for improvement. I'd love to see Lady Death get more attention, she is just as badass as Spawn ( well not quite thats cutting it a bit close ), and definetly more badass than He-man ever was or will be. I also like that shes not a very mainstream character. Theres no badder b*tch around as far as im concerned not even the Witchblde holds a candle to LD. Any comic buff or sci fi fan should check this out no questions asked just pick it up, put it in and enjoy. Its not the holy covenant of animation spectaculars but, you could do far worse.

Lindsay B (ru) wrote: It was deep for a group of males who lost all of their games. Had a female coach to coach them.

Corey L (kr) wrote: Heath Ledger's Joker looks like he watched Robert Downey Jr. in this movie for his inspiration. This is a pretty funny movie if your into the 80's style comedy.

John C (au) wrote: An independent movie that proved a film about BMX racing could have staying power. While not a box office blockbuster, Rad claimed several records for video rentals in subsequent years. It's quirky and fun, with a great 80's soundtrack. Rad had almost a home made quality about it, and that's what makes it a cult classic 30 years later. And bonus trivia, this movie has never been released on DVD. Not officially anyway.

Rob F (ag) wrote: This should be in the top 100 of any Christmas Movie list!