A handyman with marital problems meets a housewife with the same.

A handyman with marital problems meets a housewife with the same. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Afterglow torrent reviews

Mark B (fr) wrote: An engaging premise, but flips one too many times for me. Watch it & you'll see what I mean.

Suanne C (nl) wrote: Saw it, liked it, recommend it.

Kester E (fr) wrote: Middle Men the movie in itself is a decent narrative film. Luke Wilson did a good job in his role as lead character which carried the movie most of the way, it felt messy at some points but the overall end product wasn't disappointing.

Naoya K (jp) wrote: So imperfect, but so powerful. I can say so many complaints about this film, but still I can say more words of praise. It uses the characters of "Journey to the West," but is a completely original story. It is like a hot pot in which everything possible is put. It does not have elaborate plot like same director's "Chinese Odyssey," but eccentricity is much more. I don't like they meaninglessly put scenes of parody of Hollywood films, but poor CG animation can be pardoned. Nicholas Tse is getting cooler and cooler these days after he cuts off his long hair - the types of the role he can play gets broader, too. Undoubtedly he's gonna be one of the best actors in Hong Kong. Charlene's ugly make-up was really ugly, and it's kinda too long you need to see it, but her cuteness stands out, as the director intends, after she take it off. Jeffrey Lau is definitely a creator worth to track.

Miles K (ag) wrote: This film is strictly a comedy, and a very good one.

Raymond S (de) wrote: well i am a fan of the old japanease martial art films and a fan of horror so i thought the movie was great it had the feel of a quentin tarentino film and the element of japanease films of old just an enjoyable movie all around

Gabriel C (ag) wrote: Since when does touching a woman's breasts and making gay jokes qualify as family entertainment?

Jens L (fr) wrote: Light and its best moments feels like a good Clive barker story....but bad acting and ridiculous blue screen and stop motion effects destroy that so often...less would have been more

wedstarfish 8 (mx) wrote: Batman: The Movie was basically what kick started the entire "Batman" film franchise, and it started pretty well. Now obviously, it's nothing too great, and the film does not deserve any awards or anything close to that, it's just a really, really fun and campy film from the 60's. Based on the extremely popular television series from the 60's, this film centers around Batman and Robin trying to succeed in stopping a plan created by a large team of villains to steal and corrupt a invention that can possibly destroy the world. Now if you are a fan of the original "Batman" television series from the 60's like me, then you will definitely enjoy this very harmless, short, campy, and overall, fun film.Honestly, I really liked how this film turned out to be, and I really liked how it tried to be something very different that has not really been tried before, at least in a worldwide release for a film, since the TV show is intensely similar to this film. Overall, I enjoyed it, and I consider it, a good start.

Paul R (ru) wrote: Definitely not about video games other than random references, but this is still a really funny movie. "What's hi score mean?"

Jiana W (es) wrote: Didn't like it. Don't even think I finished it. It's completely boring and uninteresting. Not even Emma Roberts could save this for me. I'm also usually a fan of James Franco but he's too incredibly creepy and unlikable here.

Christine D (ru) wrote: Great storyline. Action packed.

Mark T (es) wrote: Cheesy fun in a way, but Farrell is just not believable as the serial killer in this one time potential sequel to David Fincher's Seven.