High-flying journalist Kenny Brogan (Kevin McKidd) is working on the story that could make his career when he is told his mother is terminally ill. With his father no longer in the picture, this means that the responsibility for looking after his Down's Syndrome sister Roberta (Paula Sage) falls to him. Conflicted by career aspirations and the difficulties in caring for his sister, Kenny at first begins to resent Roberta, until he realizes just how much she means to him.

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AfterLife torrent reviews

temi d (br) wrote: havnt seen it but i will recomend it 2 anyone

arif s (it) wrote: liked it.....nicely done..........

Gina W (kr) wrote: Interesting documentary about Angela Davis and her affiliation with the Communist Party and Black Panthers. She was on the FBI's ten most wanted list after Marin County Judge Harold Haley murder. The movie shows interviews with Davis where she downplays her role in the murder. Very interesting.

Sarah G (gb) wrote: Amazing, still bawling my eyes out as I'm typing this! A real roller-coaster ride of a movie for all those hopeless romantics like myself. 5***** All four thumbs and toes up from me.

Will L (au) wrote: Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino (along with a few guest directors) have joined forces to create a thoroughly entertaining cinematic experience with 'Grindhouse'. While both movies are enjoyable on their own, this double feature, complete with joke trailers for schlocky coming attractions, is a treat for any fans of genre cinema.

Luke M (it) wrote: With such stunning and magnetic performances from Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson that the film slightly falters when neither is on screen, Dreamgirls is a stellar, powerful and delightful musical journey through a fantastic story. The musical performances are fantastic even if they might feel mistimed or over the top once in a while.

Colton D (kr) wrote: Though it feels slightly unfinished, Unbreakable features a terrific cast, a wholly original story, and great direction from Mr. Shymalan, making it a memorable mark in the directors career.

Tyler A (ru) wrote: classic G shit right here launched Cubes career in acting str8 goods

Alexander Z (ca) wrote: I'm not sure there's a better biopic out there.

Dan F (us) wrote: A bit over the top. But great to see Lawrence Fishburne as a young up and coming actor!!

paul B (mx) wrote: Un film de Blier qui ne mache pas ses mots (normal) mais qui se deroule, etrangement, tout en douceure. Comme si, deja, le fantome de Parick Dewaere plannait sur lu film.