An alien visits Earth during World War III, learns English by absorbing a dictionary, and meets good and bad earthlings.

An alien visits Earth during World War III, learns English by absorbing a dictionary, and meets good and bad earthlings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Aftershock torrent reviews

Ts L (fr) wrote: Excellent! Idris Elba and Naomi Harris were phenomenal!

Don S (jp) wrote: Good enough drama to hold my interest, but it moves too slowly for my tastes and is melodramatic in many aspects. Very impressed with Chloe Grace Moretz- this young lady has skills. She can carry a movie. Good music in an okay love story. Ending is predictable. Better than average.

Kevin M (au) wrote: On one hand, the relative lack of mediation was a welcome relief from documentaries with an overbearing narrative voice. On the other, I sometimes longed for more explanation and context. Good documentary, though--brilliant in its details.

Leo N (it) wrote: Intersting story with potential to be waaay bigger & better but it wuz a bit confusing hear & there soo I got lost...wutz new...jk. Spfx & fight choreography were cool. The momentum of the movie wuz a lil sloooow due to some of the conflicting & confusing scenes wen they do flashbacks & talk about the lovers from a 3rd party...? wow wut R the odds that I watch 2 same but totally different movies wit some form of Betrayal in it....Is that a Hint...Hmmm hope not lol!..No Fo Real! NEways it's an o.k rental. Aloha

Lucas Y (nl) wrote: Everything 'Requiem' did right, this film did wrong. Relies way too much on shock value & camera tricks. Overall, I did enjoy the characters & performances though. Probably wouldn't ever see it again though.

Cynthia G (ru) wrote: Okay this movie is crazy. Fat Donnie Wahlberg made this movie funny. Scott Baristow and Chad Lindberg were not bad but who the hell the other people were I have no idea. Stupid kids worshipping their invision of satan. But it is more funny than anything else.

Pierluigi P (it) wrote: The story of the deranged french butcher began with this short film that displays every single trademark of the pretentious filmmaker Gaspar Noe, the prominent use of black and red, the disturbing presence of Philippe Nahon, titlecards, explicit carnage, sexuality and gutter language. definitely not for the squeamish.

Tanner B (it) wrote: *Zero Stars*In this extremely boring, idiotic, lame brained action adventure, Kong is apparently revived from blood from a female Kong (even though they said it had to be male blood) then escapes with his mate. Plot holes, and laughs galore with some of the worst acting, and script of the decade. This horrendously directed, and atrociously produced junk, belongs in the trash bin. The finale rips off the final scene from Spartacus, that is an all time low!

Oliver S (es) wrote: Iconic americana. A darker side of Happy days, Grease American Grafitti et al. A tragedy.

Andrea M (mx) wrote: One of the many reasons why I love Fred Astaire films.

Daniel H (nl) wrote: First hour isn't the best but the second half is great!!!

Taio G (ag) wrote: Vincent: Get with it. Millions of galaxies of hundreds of millions of stars, in a speck on one in a blink. That's us, lost in space. The cop, you, me... Who notices?New review soon.

Stephanie G (au) wrote: This reminded me a lot of Psycho and as with that then it left me feeling creeped out about the guy and his angsty feelings towards his mother. Nevertheless, it was still a good watch for a old film.

Charles S (fr) wrote: OK, there are quite a few shaky cams early on, and I'm thinking I'm going to hate this movie, and the longer it runs, the deeper it gets, and the more you care about these characters...... it's going to mess you up...

Hendrix J (jp) wrote: it touched my sad parts :(