Aga Bai Arecha

Aga Bai Arecha

A man suddenly finds that he can hear what women are thinking.

A man suddenly finds that he can hear what women are thinking. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack D (es) wrote: I don't usually rate moves, but this one was truly exceptional. Exceptional in that it was one of the absolute WORST movies I have ever seen. What could have been a 5 minute story is painfully dragged out for what seems like hours. I seriously wonder if the Director put all the actors in diapers for extended hours because all of them move like they have a diaper full of crap on them. Seriously, I had to switch the DVD player to twice speed just to make it look like normal people walking. The shallow, concrete, predictable, STUPID, screen play could have been written by a High School Freshman. This is no coming of age drama; its just a SLOW painfully boring waste of time. Even the good camera work couldn't do anything for it. Don't waste your time with this one. Whoever the director is, he will probably be more successful working at the local McDonald's serving junk food. This move of his is absolute CRAP. If I were from Arkansas I would be insulted by this portrayal of rural of Arkansas rural folk. Nobody in North America could possibly be THIS slow and this stupid, except MAYBE the people who wrote, produced and directed this time wasting piece of trash.

Gabby T (it) wrote: Now you need to know something she is a great dancer she has more talent in her motherfucking left thumb then you your kids,grand kids,great grand kid and they kids do in their whole nappy headed hoed bodies so shut the hell up

Robert H (ru) wrote: Bruno does it again with a film that you have to meet at least half way. Talk about elliptical narration.Yikes. But the journey yields very interesting rewards.

David W (de) wrote: Though it can be predictable, I, Robot can be a dazzle full of effects that hold up today and Will Smith is as ever

Alejandro R (gb) wrote: Excellent film! Wasn't expecting this kind of a thrill ride that also deals with a deeper shift in the humanity of a small group of fortune-seeking soldiers. Well casted and performed.

Logan M (gb) wrote: "Devil in a Blue Dress" captures the authenticity of true noir with such ease, it appears almost effortless.

Gayle W (mx) wrote: Outstanding cast, highly controversial topic especially in todays political climate. As an employee of the NHS this film rang true on many levels! Bravo, thoroughly enjoyable.

Adriano B (us) wrote: The ending slips into complete cannabis induced psychedelia, but the satyre is there, alive and kicking even in Elysium (sort of a spiritual newphew) era, whilst analog make up and SFX are a testament to '80 iconic power and fantasy energy. Rock and roll robot.

Bill T (es) wrote: Somewhat slow semi-haunted house movie has Peter Lorre and company spooked out by a patriatch's disembodied hand walking around and killing everyone. It\s very slow at the beginning, but once the hand comes around, it picks up a little, but then gets slightly boring again. There's other, better disembodied hand moves out there folks. Shop around.

Mike B (it) wrote: Enough is enough, and Douglas has had it here. Excellent study of a man falling apart at the seams. A striking film that will make an impression, and remain with you far after a single viewing. A film of great power and lasting effect. Highly recommended.

Sydney C (ru) wrote: Watched it over 10 times.

Eldin B (ag) wrote: "There comes a time for every vampire when the idea of eternity becomes momentarily unbearable. Living in the shadows, feeding in the darkness with only your own company to keep, rots into a solitary, hollow existence. Immortality seems like a good idea, until you realize you're going to spend it alone. So I went to sleep, hoping that the sounds of the passing eras would fade out, and a sort of death might happen. But as I lay there, the world didn't sound like the place I had left, but something different."

Mr Movie R (jp) wrote: I'm not too sure how I felt about this. I didn't have it. But I didn't definitely love it. If you have an interest in it, you might as well see it. It's basically just another Batman movie and that's about it.