Against All Hope

Against All Hope

Biography - Driven to the edge of suicide by alcoholism, and in danger of losing his family, a desperate man is recued by a priest who reaches out to hear his story. - Michael Madsen, Maureen McCarthy, Cecil Moe

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Henning L (es) wrote: Although not a bad movie the ending does seem a bit constructed and awkward.

Brian P (us) wrote: one of the best horror movies I have ever seen absolutely terrifying suspenseful what a horror movie should be

Mario T (it) wrote: The impossible mission: explain an international public the myth and the reasons of resistance of Graf von Stauffenberg. The movie starts disappointingly because it shows no reasons for his resistance. Why should a high decorated Colonel plan an assassination of Adolf Hitler? Cruise is Cruise. Stiff, non-emotional, not able to show the inner conflict between the soldier and traitor, showing some tears but in general not bad. Much better are some his colleagues. Simply breathtaking are Thomas Kretschmann (Remer) and Kenneth Branagh (Tresckow). The interesting aspect of the movie is the mechanic of the operation itself, the cut down of all levels of the system and the unsuccessful assassination. Many details of the movie are just fictional. The personal signature of Hitler speculative, e.g. the suicide of Beck not true (he was shot after two suicide attempts).If you want to know more about the myth go watch the movie and use it as a foundation to read more about this important part of history. Only then you'll understand that there was not black and white or good and evil. But who reads books today - especially historic books?

Adrian C (de) wrote: If you have seen the atrocious original film, then this film is a masterpiece. It is passable that is definitely worth a watch. The SPFX are more old fashion is models instead of bad computer effects. A midnight movie that will remain one of the best direct to DVD creature films ever.

Jason M (es) wrote: Among Williams' very worst films.

Rosemonde L (ag) wrote: 20 years after the fact, I watched this movie. I've been hearing good things about it for that long. But oh my my, how wrong were those commenters... OMG, it's so fucking dumb... What the hell dude, why are you scotched to this girl? She's playing you the whole movie long, but at the end, you beg her to marry you?! Seriously, you've got self-confidence issues. If the roles where reversed, this movie would be categorized deeply wrong by any normal human being, and the then dude-star would be called an a**-h*le. But because SHE is the star, it seems ok to go out with someone when you are in a relationship and play hot and cold for months? I say no. And why, oh why, is she hysterical about those pictures? Girl, nobody cares you've shown your ass. Get over it... So painful to watch. Why you coming to see the poor dude you dumped a couple of months ago after 2 days of going out with him?! Does not make sense at all. Like, despite the fact that he is generally a looser, you need to show him he still can help and protect you? F*ck that sexist idea. This film is beyond ridiculous. If this is what romance looks like, I am doomed to be alone.

Cameron F (gb) wrote: Jazz drama that disappoints when compared to Lee's School Daze and Do the Right Thing.

Richard D (us) wrote: This certainly seems like it should be an exciting film ... produced by Andy Lau and starring Chow Yun-Fat and Sammo Hung. Unfortunately, it's really not. It's a fairly routine war melodrama. Not bad by any stretch, but not memorable either.

Brinn O (ag) wrote: Jane Fonda is a fine dime. That is all.

Kalin G (fr) wrote: It's alright. The music is good and the whole feeling is "dancy". J Lo is certainly not the best actress, but she is just beautiful in this movie.Other dance/music movies are far better though :)

Scott B (nl) wrote: Well intentioned but honestly very empty.

Jillum A (mx) wrote: "We are here to destroy everything and ruin your life..God sent us."