Against the Current

Against the Current

Struggling with a tragic past, a man with an urgent calling enlists two friends to help him swim the length of the Hudson River.

Struggling with a tragic past, a man with an urgent calling enlists two friends to help him swim the length of the Hudson River. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris L (de) wrote: Just another trashy chinese movie. other than improved special effect from years ago, everything else is trashy. it pays no respect to its audience, but then again from some of the ratings given, it is sad to say most of the audience deserve these kinda trash.

T W (au) wrote: The old cliche of "we'll never be like that, honey" gets the Edward Burns treatment. Not a fan of the style of filming/cutting, but otherwise a pretty enjoyable film with something to say about matrimony with even the best of intentions.

Rohit A (es) wrote: First of all title of movie was not appropriate. It would be better called Phas Gaye Re OM Mama. Movie was not funny at all. Starting was good and we were expecting much as film advances but soon it becomes boring. Acting of Rajat Kapoor & Sanjay Mishra was good and work of Manu Rishi @ anni was very good. Neha need acting classes seriously. Even comedy movies needs logic but that was absolutely absent from the movie so I was just thinking how why how why, and this is not what we expect from any movie, may be comedy or sci-fi.There were hundreds of factual errors in the movie like showing hills in Bulandshahar etc. By eliminating few scenes and dialogues which cause it to gain a "A" certificate, were not essential for a comedy film, the movie could end like a light family movie but don't know what was in the mind of director, he makes it a worthless movie. Overall I was disappointed. A big disappointment.

Sara E (mx) wrote: "When you believe in something, that's when it's real."

George B (us) wrote: Unoriginal and very badly acted,"Soul Survivors" is the worst film of 2001! You can be scared only if you're 6 year old girl! [size=4]:rotten: 0.50/10[/size]

Ryan W (ru) wrote: There is a lot of interesting stuff in it but it lacks consistency in the story

Anna B (ca) wrote: Funny how many of the people who worked on this went on to work on The Wire, which retroactively made most of the '90s Ghetto Hollywood pictures look like princess fairy tales. Still, Lee makes it work it spite of his style not really matching the material, Blanchard's typically dreadful music, and Phifer's pretty one-note and uncharismatic performance. Some really great scenes help balance out some of the more cringe-worthy stuff.

Konrad A (gb) wrote: This is a very good musical and good fantasy it is interesting how Mary Poppins has powers Mary Poppins is a little funny. I don't like how it takes place in London. It is cool to see Mary Poppins fly in the beginning of the movie I think people will like this movie. My favorite character in this movie is Burt.

RiP M (ag) wrote: Kindred spirit and direct ascendant of "The Usual Suspects" crossed with "Ocean's 11". Delightful caper that gives breadth to the term "bungling thieves".

Orlok W (it) wrote: Granger as flawed Everyman caught up in an urban vortex--Side-Swiped!!

Iva P (kr) wrote: Ginger and Fred are always amazing together, but the story of kid sister and the irritating sailor bothered me. But Lets Face the Music and Dance is a great song, though I prefer the Loves Labour Lost version

Phil S (ag) wrote: Solid bad-cop movie.

Felepe R (ca) wrote: love it just watched it today

Simon D (es) wrote: Unique horror film which doesn't hold back on the gore. A horror masterclass with a story that goes above and beyond most which just leave us to accept that the only reason nutters do what they do is because they are nutters. This has a large emotional factor as well as all the other constituent parts that a good horror should. It's certainly not for the faint-hearted but, if they can manage it, anyone who gets through this film will be rewarded with that feeling that they have watched an excellent film.

Dan O (mx) wrote: Zzzzzzzzzzzz....Oh! Peter Fonda being cool!.....Zzzzzzzzz