Against the Odds

Against the Odds

Maverick pilot must learn to live with disability.

Maverick pilot must learn to live with disability. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bank K (jp) wrote: There are no dazzling element about it, but the film is crafted with tenderness and such detail that it ultimately delivers.

Isla B (ag) wrote: Colin Firth surprisingly convincing as psychopath.

Annie Y (au) wrote: finally can see a complicated story in HK film.

Vadim S (au) wrote: A shitty adaptation of an okay book.

Brendan N (de) wrote: The film has a lot of atmosphere early on but the story goes totally no where. The concept is never explained and leaves the viewer with the idea of guessing. The problem is the film doesn't have the strength to pull of such a feat. Barry Watson is well cast and develops a character who is terribly traumatised and quite strong, the problem is the development of a clever film to complement such an intriguing film. The cgi character robs the film of any malice which is a shame as the last 10 mins really offer an intense finale. Good for a night in but sadly not a film deserving Sam raimis attention

Zachary A (es) wrote: Funny, moving, and anything else you'd like to add.

Orlok W (au) wrote: Great time manipulation experience--Great concept, fun thriller!!

Todd P (kr) wrote: If I had a film that I would use as a litmus test for people -- to see what they're really made of -- it would be this one.

Stafford V (nl) wrote: If you are a fan of the Coen Brother's comedies I am sure you will love this.

Colin P (mx) wrote: I love Alex Cox films; the manic energy of them, the beauty of the cinematography, the offbeat performances, the rich themes- but mostly just how enjoyable they are. This one, however, never totally came together for me. It was fun to watch, but a bit drag-ass. It was fun to watch Strummer, Costello, , Richardson, Rude and Jarmuch play criminals in the desert. And it was pretty nuts, but not enough inspired moments to completely sustain it's short running time. Although I get the impression that it probably ages well.

Brad S (es) wrote: This is a classic that had eluded me until now. Such a fantastic film, I watched it on blu-ray and it looked amazing. Peter Sellers gives a great performance that I really think should have netted him the Oscar that year. This film is worth seeking out if you haven't seen it.

David F (ru) wrote: Perhaps the worst of the Airplane series, and that's saying a lot. An evil industrialist (Robert Wagner - how great is that?) wants to remove evidence of wrongdoing by blowing the Concorde out of the sky - only the supersonic maneuvers and barrel-rolls of now Captain Joe Patroni (!) save the day! Somehow, Martha Raye manages to hold her bowels and Jimmy (JJ) Walker manages to smoke a spliff, and Jon Davison manages to keep his hair straight through all that, but once the plane lands safely, all the passengers GET BACK ON AGAIN TO RESUME THE FLIGHT! Then the fun really starts when Charo joins the cast with her 'seeing-eye chihuahua'. After that, all you need is for Artie Johnson to show up, and you have AIRPORT 79 - THE LOVE BOAT.

Daniel D (mx) wrote: Pretty good debut movie for Moore, the Bond with the most official movies (he's tied with Connery if you count NSNA). Moore will get better as far as playing Bond is concerned, to me his performances in TMWTGG and TSWLM easily top this one. But it's still a good debut performance for Moore, and the film overall is good fun. I especially love the boat chase, a classic Bond moment in my opinion.

Cooper C (ru) wrote: Clearly low-budget monster fights. But it's something, I guess...

Alec B (kr) wrote: Come for Rita Hayworth's infamous hair flip, stay for the psychopathic love triangle. You can easily ignore the out of place happy ending, as it happens rather abruptly, and focus instead on the witty and cynical rest of the movie.

Brett S (de) wrote: Good enough to entertain kids, but teens and adults will find very little to enjoy