Agar... If

Bombay-based Anil Agarwal lives a very wealthy lifestyle, mostly from wealth, estate, and business inherited from his grandfather, along with his wife, Anju, and a school-going son named ...

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length: 0 minutes
  • Release: 1977
  • Language: Hindi
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. . Bombay-based Anil Agarwal lives a very wealthy lifestyle, mostly from wealth, estate, and business inherited from his grandfather, along with his wife, Anju, and a school-going son named

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Users reviews

Alison P (br)

Davis (Alice of Brady Bunch Fame) as the protagonist's personal assistant, but that and Tony Randall are really the only fun components of this wholly blah romantic comedy. It was fun seeing Ann B. Derivative of the superior Pillow Talk

Conor T (us)

very dark comedy,great film!

David Ray G (de)

The ending of the movie is silently explosive and at last, for once a movie that is not afraid to show the truth. It's one of the greatest movies portraying a school shooting and the one that provides the most insight to the issue. The performances are high-powered, especially the one from Kett Turton. It's tense and powerful and can't leave you without having an impact. This film is a diamond in the rough and I still don't get why most people hate it

Emelyn W (au)

It does show how ppl can be a-holes during epidemics though. Before Train to Busan, we were stuck with this Contagion wannabe with a forced romance plot

Emma L (es)

Not many films could compete with the shock-value and poignancy of the original but this is a superior entry in the saga and stands alone well. I agree that the Nazi storyline feels a bit of an afterthought but those scenes are well-presented. Its downfall is slightly dragging, being about twenty minutes too long and perhaps leaving the real scenes of possession until the end. There are good performances and several clever scenes and lines. Complaints of gore are unfounded - it has a 15 Certificate in the UK and is no bloodier than any horror fan would anticipate. It was shot with surprising beauty and is impressively grand in its scale. Slow but intelligent follow-up, infinitely superior to the other sequels (Richard Burton aside)

F B (br)

A good film but way over the top with a one man war against the heavily armed gang

Geanncarlo L (ca)

n buena hora, pues!. El Directos es bastante joven e humilde. De aqui sale un serie de televisiom y la version numero dos llega el siguiente anho. Y lo mas bonito de todo es que tranciende la cultura de Mexico a la nuevas generaciones. Se hizo un buen trabajo con un millon y medio de dolares. Solo pensar que es la octava caricatura en la historia del cine Mexicano es increible. Preciosa animacion mexicana

James H (br)

One of the worst films ever. I think burning the DVD that I watched cost more than the entire film. The acting is so horrid, it defies belief. It looks like it was filmed with a camcorder. This movie is so amateurishly done and unprofessional, I could not even finish watching it, and that is rare for me

Ken D (gb)

He has made many better than this one. Watchable, but only if you are a Van Damme fan

Kisaan T (es)

I watched Pather Panchali and is searching for the next two