Agatha et les lectures illimitées

Agatha et les lectures illimitées

A dialogue-driven drama about a woman and her brother who meet at a deserted seaside hotel to deal with their passionate incestuous feelings for each other and reminisce about their happy childhood.

One of Duras’ most fascinating treatments of the dialectical relationship between sound & image, what is spoken & what is left unsaid, is an evocative “adaptation” of her then unperformed play, Agatha. Featuring Bulle Ogier & Yann Andréa as the wandering protagonists. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sally C (kr) wrote: It should win an Oscar. It is intense, funny and endearing, by way of beginning a description, with excellent acting.

Amanda R (mx) wrote: the original was all i needed

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Stick L (jp) wrote: Simply terrible, Just watching it made me want to die.

Kirk Andre P (ru) wrote: Very Boring Plot.......... if I can give a -2.5 star rating.....i will do it

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