Age of Summerhood

Age of Summerhood

A summer camp comedy...about the horrors of being ten.

A summer camp comedy...about the horrors of being ten. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay C (gb) wrote: Comic is much better

Christopher S (gb) wrote: A decent family film with a reasonably good story. Like too many family films, though, the writing is bad and the acting is worse. The lead actor was Mark Hamil-esque in his acting and overacting. Sadly, the film too often devolved into fart jokes and similar gags instead of focusing on the powerful messages it could have been emphasizing.

Chris D (ru) wrote: The standard in which all Naruto films followed. A very important icon becomes the target of no good evil doers,blah blah, they don't believe in themselves,blah blah,Naruto says "I HAD A ROUGH PAST TOO! YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH! BELIEVE IT!", BOOM! DIFFERENT RASENGAN! End of film. Not to say that THIS is the bad flick though. In fact, it is very enjoyable. Animation is great and the music fits the mood. Just don't expect anything of more quality till you reach the 3rd Shippuden movie.

Chris (es) wrote: Pretty good cast, I don't know, I liked it for what it was.

Grgory P (kr) wrote: La film qui ne ruina pas la carriere de Kitano :)

Jessi t (jp) wrote: The hardest Howling movie to watch I've encountered so far. Some unsympathetic characters battle some werewolves -- but they hardly even do that.

Derek M (jp) wrote: pity that And Then There Were None is hard to be filmed but I like cruise case in summer just my skin nor the computer cannot stand the heat and humidity in hong knog anymore

Robert H (es) wrote: Rankin and Bass produce a stop motion story telling the origins of Santa using songs and comon Christmas traditions as inspiration. Burgermeister Meisterburger is truly one of the great villains of all time and only time manages to defeat him as Santa, despite all his efforts, only manages to work around his evil ways never truly removing the problem. Of course, Santa is more a pacifist which would explain why a man with animal like skills, an army of elf builders, a powerful wizard and flying reindeer can't seem to defeat an old grouch. While I was a little displeased that the Christian aspects of the holiday were mostly left out of this story (only hinted at indirectly a couple times), and some of the "reasons" for Santa Claus' actions etc. were a little far fetched, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town! still manages to tell a fun tale trying to explain the big man in the red suit. The music is decent though not nearly as good as most of the other Rankin Bass productions but this is classic Christmas fare that should be consumed at least once a year.

John Y (kr) wrote: I still don't know where this movie went wrong.

Jayvious J (kr) wrote: A really good action drama. It had a great plot

Dwayne R (jp) wrote: The original's better but this is still excellent.

Dave W (us) wrote: An overly ambitious mess but overall fun to watch. Incredible effort was put into the set design and really great ideas in terms of choreography, visuals and characters. This was indeed a labour of love and although I appreciated the thought there were elements that really annoyed me. The hip hop flavour did absolutely nothing for the film. It detracted from it. I don't mind wire-fu but if the laws of physics are to be defied at least complete the illusion. Weak point of impact, unbalanced cause and effect and unnatural body positioning made scenes, especially the opening, seem much less exciting. If one is to enjoy a Kung Fu movie at least get the fight scenes right. There were saving graces though such as the battle in the brothel.I also think RZA should work harder on perfecting his skills as a film maker, put his ego aside and take himself out of acting. He's TERRIBLE! His dumb, emotionless looking mug was the tipping point for me. To put himself in the lead and have absolutely zero charisma is the worst decision he could have made. Even as a humble, downtrodden blacksmith you've got to have a little spark. On the other hand, I'm glad Bautista is getting some good parts. He's very likeable, delivers his lines naturally and has potential to be a real actor. This could have been an awesome flick! To use the excuse that it's his first attempt is crap. There was so much good, someone had to know what they were doing. It was simply a few bad choices, ego and laziness that failed this movie. So disappointing.