A group of friends go to the desert for a gun instruction course and accidentally unleash a power so great it overwhelms them where they must choose between family and friends versus the fate of the world.

The movie follows a group of friends as they go to the desert for a gun instruction course and accidentally unleash a power. What follows is a strange combination of possession, aliens and testing the boundaries of friendship, as they attempt to discover if the government/military is with or against them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laharl D (kr) wrote: I really liked this movie, so glad I never decide if I will see a movie or not based on the reviews, glad to see something different than all those blockbuster hits directed towards the sheeple.

Bill R (ru) wrote: The cinematography was the best thing in the movie. The area they shot in was great. The movie itself kind of falls short on being good. Not only does the action seem to take place in turns but it lacks in the action department. It was written to where one would go, the other would go and it's back and forth like that until the let down of the ending. friggin Hollywood and their always need of happiness. Also I think the lighting guy got fired at about the halfway mark because there were moments it was so dark I could barely see what was going on. Not terrible to watch but it isn't De Niro or Travoltas worst.

Ashley M (us) wrote: It was an okay movie but I thought the first one was a better movie

Isaac H (it) wrote: A fascinating examination of an underground cultural phenomenon, Best Worst Movie offers up a surprising amount of pathos -- though its bloated runtime means it tends towards repetition during its second half.

Rachael B (kr) wrote: This film was ok, just your usual Christmas movie about wanting to get away from the family that drive you bonkers at Christmas. The magic that Christmas brings comes in all shapes and forms even if you can't see whats infront of you doesnt mean its not there.

siar k (us) wrote: so sexy and very hot

Claude P (it) wrote: Really good movie! Highly underrated.

EvaLena I (ag) wrote: It`s a great childrenstory written by Astrid Lindgren

Jack S (us) wrote: It's pretty good, some jokes fall flat in the first half, but the last half is very funny and well done.

Richard I (gb) wrote: Very enjoyable thriller with interesting points to make about justice and lost time.