Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London

With all-new gadgets, high-flying action, exciting chases and a wisecracking new handler, Derek (Anthony Anderson), Cody has to retrieve the device before the world's leaders fall under the evil control of a diabolical villain.

Teenage spy Cody Banks returns for another mission, and this time around he has a new partner, the humorous and amiable Derek Bowman. The mission is to retrieve the device before the world's leaders fall under the evil control of a diabolical villain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London torrent reviews

Baurushan J (it) wrote: The story is about Vic played by Richard Dreyfuss who is a crime boss sent home and is ready to resume his job as supreme leader of the mob. Mickey Holliday who is Vic's enforcer and right hand man played by Jeff Goldblum is trying to have everything squared away for Vic's return which may complicate his personal life since he is having an affair with Vic's girlfriend Grace Everly played by Diane Lane and Rita Everly played by Ellen Barkin both at the same time because they're the Everly sisters, get it? However, there has been a number of other gangster fighting over to take control of the territory especially Ben London played by Gabriel Byrne who is Vic and Mickey's rival. Then we have the comedy and OMG it is horrendous! All they do is constantly shoot each other and this just happens over and over! Roger Ebert quoted that this movie is the equivalent of staring at a blank wall and I totally agree with him because he hated this movie so much. There was barely anything going on in this movie. This movie pisses me off so badly! What was so funny about it? Nothing! I am forced to give it a rating I haven't given any movie a long time. Mad Dog Time gets a I-don't-give-a-fuck/10!

Amirah B (jp) wrote: Not worth watching in cinema... Nothing extra ordinary. Same boring script.

Ville S (kr) wrote: Hps leffa! Sydmellinen enkeli saa maan pll oman sydmen, sydmettmn miljonrin, joka mys lyt sydmens, sek nelj orpolasta (ja viel vauvan). Vlill lauletaan hindiksi.

Ernest C (kr) wrote: This slow documentary style film examines what happened to specific journalists in Balibo, East Timor, around the time that Indonesian forces came in. Its importance from an Australian perspective comes from the relationship, during the events and subsequent until now, between Australia, Indonesia and East Timor. Tensions between all three nations, and even more between those involved, over this event still simmer even now.

Jacob B (ru) wrote: It's no The Incredibles but Megamind's strong visuals, great voice acting, spectacular action sequences (which look even greater in 3-D) and humour make it a reasonably entertaining diversion (albeit not a classic).

Neil J (ru) wrote: Waking up with Millster with the flu!

georgia j (es) wrote: this movie reminded me of one of my favorite shows, Dexter....a serial killer who only kills other serial killers....I liked it!

Chad T (ru) wrote: Directed by Martin Sheen, also starring Martin Sheen and his son Charlie Sheen. Definately doesn't deserve any Oscars, but definately worth watching.

Ryan V (us) wrote: Charming and heartfelt 80s teen comedy. It features many up and coming starts of the era, all of whom give credible performances.

Michael B (nl) wrote: I give this 5 stars because I play the biker that gets nailed to a tree!

Simon D (ca) wrote: Another very overrated film. This frequently appears in the lists of greatest movies ever made and I can't fathom the reason at all. Is there really anybody out there who laughs at a group of trilbied blokes firing NYC accented lines at each other so fast that they are scared they're gonna run out of film. I don't and couldn't find anything else to laugh about in this "classic comedy" either. The critics should really move on, like the world of comedy has.

David M (mx) wrote: This movie is unbelievably relatable. We all wish we could be Randall, but in reality, we're all Dante. We've been through a job that we despised, we felt stuck in a rut, and we made our problems sound like the worst thing ever. This film can actually change the way you view your situation in life and probably urge you to think about your next move.

Nicole G (us) wrote: Good story, but confusing, they could have done a better job with this story and great cast....too bad they didn't....

Julie S (de) wrote: This is a fav of mine too. beautiful scenery!