Agent Wild Duck

Agent Wild Duck

Hans Wild Duck Gens, an old school industrial spy becomes suicidally jealous when the firm brings in a German performance artist who becomes not only the top agent, but also replaces him in his girlfriend Monika's affections.

Hans Wild Duck Gens, an old school industrial spy becomes suicidally jealous when the firm brings in a German performance artist who becomes not only the top agent, but also replaces him in his girlfriend Monika's affections. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (ru) wrote: When I saw that the director of The Devil Inside is directing a werewolf movie, I'm like, "I'm definitely seeing this, I want to see how bad this can be and be very funny unintentionally." Although it is bad, it's not as legendary bad as The Devil Inside which I was disappointed. It does have its fair share of unintentionally funny stuff but for most of the time, it's just dull. It does have a plot is somewhat different from other werewolf films which is neat, however, The Devil Inside had a different plot too, and the execution of it is terrible. Wer has the same execution as The Devil Inside, and it even has a terrible ending too. The acting is dull, the effects are laughably bad, and the stuff they do makes no sense. The thing with going to camera, and back to the people is weird because it makes it look like it's a found footage film, but it's not. It makes it unnecessary, The Quiet Ones did it better, and actually had a reason why it was like that not like Wer. I was more frustrated with this than The Devil Inside even though I knew it was going to be bad. I was surprised that this didn't go in wide theaters despite getting 100 million dollars from The Devil Inside, but I'm glad it didn't.

Curtis D (ru) wrote: The only reason im giving this a 4/5 stars is because Im a fan of Sarah Silverman

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Damien K (fr) wrote: If Akira Kurosawa and Rod Serling made a movie together, and Neil Gaiman was asked to update the screenplay for a remake, this would be it. It's a short B film and incredibly artsy. If you've seen "Versus", you'll notice that Kitamura seems to be stuck on a certain concept. Masaya Kato is like an Asian Matt Dillon, although he looks about as Asian as I do.

Jedidiah C (ru) wrote: I heard about this guy. He's a straight up awful man.

Yann F (gb) wrote: Un script interessant, des grands comediens (Fanny Ardant excellente dans son personnage a la Merteuil), mais le tout est desservi par une realisation convenue, impersonnelle, qui recycle du deja-vu (Guitry, Kubrick, Frears, etc...). "Ridicule" souffre aussi de son manicheisme excessif, avec des gentils pleins de bonnes intentions (ils aiment la nature, les enfants et les sourds-muets...) et des mechants vraiment tres sournois. La fin du film est egalement baclee...

Blake P (de) wrote: Frank Sinatra is never the guy I think of when visualizing a private dick (when my brain isn't corrupted with Humphrey Bogart spatting out saucy lines it leans more toward pulp fiction heroes that dopplegng John Payne), so I suppose we just have to go along with his Philip Marlowe mimicry in "Tony Rome", even if he isn't so quick to sneak in a one-liner and isn't the usual young guy looking for justice aged quicker due to pessimism and gin. Sinatra is never anything less than likable - he was one of the few singers who could act his ass off and convince us that no job could ever be too difficult to master - and "Tony Rome" thrives off of our inability to do anything but want him to win the battle that pits him against a bunch of glamorous two-faces. It's better than his other late-'60s Sam Spade imitation, "The Detective" (fearless but tiresome), and it's a lot more tolerable than his later career moments that attempted to disguise him as a young buck, when he, in fact, was a wizened old buck. It's breezy and shimmering, a neo-noir without all the hardcore grit of the other cop pieces of the era. In "Tony Rome", Sinatra's titular portrayal is put to good use as he investigates the bizarre behavior of a millionaire's daughter (Sue Lyon). Middle-aged, tired, and living on a houseboat, Rome has lived the life of a detective for decades, only succumbing to the tirelessness of it all in recent years. He's an ace at what he does - just don't expect him to get very involved with his clients. Because here, he has three: the daughter, who wants his help in solving her many predicaments, her father (Simon Oakland), and his chic wife (Gena Rowlands), who happens to be her distanced stepmother. Also involved in the story is Ann Archer (Jill St. John), a sultry divorcee with little purpose besides love interest fodder. Set in Miami Beach, "Tony Rome" has a feeling of boundless sexy heat, Rome's job always seeming romantically dangerous, as the thugs are always shady characters instead of people and the women are decorations made to disappear as soon as a potential sequel is announced. The film is nothing more than studio fluff meant to modernize the private detective noir era, with a bona fide star leading the way no less - but it's enjoyable. Sinatra suits the role, St. John providing him with a presence at once seductive and self-aware. "Tony Rome" is much less imaginative than the darkened crime thrillers it so desperately tries to emulate, but it's agreeable and well acted - a cut above many films of the late-'60s, which was, no doubt, a shaky era. So I'm not just glad Nancy Sinatra sings the title tune like the star isn't her father; I'm also glad Frankie gets to put his blue-eyed appeal to good use.

Vasco M (br) wrote: Like 'Shaun Of The Dead', but with more elderly humour. Well done, just not that great.

Daniel T (gb) wrote: Absolutely brilliant.

Master J (it) wrote: Very good for inspire and laugh

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Ramona C (es) wrote: kind of maybe want to see it someday, on a small screen. I don't like being scared!