Agenzia Riccardo Finzi... praticamente detective

Agenzia Riccardo Finzi... praticamente detective

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Agenzia Riccardo Finzi... praticamente detective torrent reviews

D M (ag) wrote: An amazing documentary about which not enough praise can be given. It must be seen! I don't know why it took me so long to view this. Aaron Russo (the Hollywood producer most known for Trading Places) covers many topics of import in this documentary designed to expose the loss of liberty Americans have already went through, and that which is going to continue. Topics covered include the federal income tax (with a memorable scene with the former IRS director threatening Russo in Yiddish! - now if that don't tell you something, nothing will), the Federal Reserve, national ID cards, SpyChips, electronic voting machines and a few more. Watch this, and you will understand how we got into or current position that I.O.U.S.A. lays out.

Takee A (au) wrote: A very good musical genre!

Chris M (jp) wrote: quite good. unusual to see jason connery in anything other than robin of sherwood. he should do more movies.

Lisa M (jp) wrote: Lame acting. Completely forgettable.

Thomas P (nl) wrote: this movie was full of chessy fun

David S (ru) wrote: Mr. Sidaris's "Bullets, Bombs and Babes" film series has no equal in the medium. One must reach back to the literary works of Dostoyevsky to find a commentary on the existential nature of justice and morality this keen.

Paulie T (es) wrote: Should've been best picture of 1986.

Marko M (ru) wrote: Jos ei muuta, niin saa nist 80-luvun b-kauhuleffoista ainakin hyvt naurut.

Irvin C (gb) wrote: My exposure to blaxploitation continues with Pam Grier. And, man, I didn't expect to like this movie as much as I did. The film is clearly a product of the '70s, so much so that it almost feels like a period piece. It's shamelessly trashy and campy yet, oh, so much fun. The film is clearly not high art. The outrageous situations, outfits, some corny dialogue and plot would not be nearly as fun and enjoyable if it weren't for the legitimately great performance by Pam Grier who wonderfully toes the line between grounding the film and basking in all its trashy glory.

Russell H (au) wrote: somewhat funny, kind of annoying. The misunderstandings are less funny than than they are frustrating

Orlok W (it) wrote: Pretty good WWII propaganda film suffers, somewhat, from being a bit too long!!

Phil S (ca) wrote: True story my arse, utter cobblers.. It's the same film you've seen quite a few times recently, but done quite well this time. Some effective scares, creeped me out on quite a few occasions. Not bad.... Although it does possibly perpetuatuate some dangerousy idiotic myths...

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Agenzia Riccardo Finzi... praticamente detective torrent

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