A historical drama set in Roman Egypt, concerning philosopher Hypatia of Alexandria and her relationship with her slave Davus, who is torn between his love for her and the possibility of gaining his freedom by joining the rising tide of Christianity.

A historical drama set in Egypt under Roman rule, concerning the intelligent and beautiful philosopher and astronomer Hypatia in the rising wave of Christianity to perusing freedom. There are two men fall in love with her and compete for her heart: her student, the clever Orestes, and her personal slave Duvus, who confused between his secret love and the freedom he can obtain if he follow the Christianity. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christa D (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this movie!!

Mad M (gb) wrote: Charming feel-god movie. The story is off the beaten path, but it contains enough cliches so that there aren't any surprises. Page and Wiig are good.

Erica N (fr) wrote: annorlunda lite skum film, men end bra p nt vis!

Lindy D (de) wrote: Excellent movie and I was glued to it,shows the corrupt go down hard.

Russell G (mx) wrote: The story of the Mitchel Brothers. Emilio Esteves manages to make a movie about porno and murder boring. Watch "Boogie Nights", "People Vs. Larry Flynt" and "Wonderland" instead. Stinks of TV movie in the bad way.

Mari A (ru) wrote: Mischa as a kid = as annoying as she is now.

Peter S (nl) wrote: Dirty Harry's in New Orleans.

Miguel A (nl) wrote: Buddy movie convulso ter sido altamente pertinente no seu tempo, pela coragem com que revira as questes raciais da Amrica recente, mas hoje vale sobretudo devido a alguns momentos inesquecveis ("They cal me Mr. Gibbs!!") e qumica verificvel entre os dois protagonistas. O desenlace um bocado "Scooby Doo" tambm, e isso retira-lhe meia-estrela automaticamente.

Petar (kr) wrote: Absolutely must see movie of all time. Will Smith performance is beyond everything ever seen. Plot is very well developed and his suffer in the world where everything is gone is told on large scale. Devotion of staying safe and not losing mind is well balanced and portrayed. Fight with lost in post apocalyptic world and then losing only thing that makes him happy is code for trouble. At the end his final sacrifice payed of and he died so everybody else could live well and safe. Action and horror that is going on is well combined. 99/100

Emod L (kr) wrote: 70%Short on even pacing but built around a somewhat endearingly entertaining story, Val Helsing is action-packed CGI trash, but nonetheless entertaining and sometimes unintentionally hilarious.V: 40%

Tim W (ag) wrote: Stupid Twilight rip off of an over-used genre that has no rules. I hate teen-movies!

Craig C (ag) wrote: Cute update of The Shop Around The Corner that now looks dated in the era of the social network.

Russell G (gb) wrote: Every challenge, I watch some old movie that looks like it will be corny, and it blows me away. This year it was "It!" "It!", is insanely good. Yeah, it's got a creaky rocket ship and it all feels very 1958, but the dire situation that keeps compounding and getting worse, despite the crews best efforts... it keeps you on the edge of your seat and never let's up. "Alien" is about as inspired by this film as you can get without a copyright infringement, and this film is just as good and as much of a sci-fi masterpiece that "Alien" is considered.

Dillon L (ag) wrote: a good scary movie very original