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Agos torrent reviews

Gmd E (us) wrote: That's a reminder why I love movies.

Walter D (nl) wrote: It was very entertaining. Funny, good action, ok plot & likeable characters.

Matthew W (jp) wrote: Not that interesting a person makes for not that interesting a documentary.

Leonardo Malacay S (mx) wrote: Que buen debate el que genera esta peli y el estilo de documental es muy bien logrado

Knut F (de) wrote: Low budget crap movie.But if you have a weird humor like me, you gonna have many good laughs from this movie.

Hoo Ron Y (mx) wrote: not a in depth movie! sad!

Vaibhav W (ag) wrote: An average post-high school flick in which tables are turned upside down resulting in slapstick comic fare

Jill R (de) wrote: Ghost rider is a mediocre movie that should've been much better. Nicholas Cage wasn't the problem here is performance was fine he just deserved to be in a better movie. My main problem with the movie was the writing because some of the dialogue was god awful. This movie also at the end dragged so that brought the movie down for me. I didn't hate this movie but with the concept that it had it should've been much better. Overall I love the concept of ghost rider not the execution this was a mediocre movie that should've been much better.Grade C

Angelica S (gb) wrote: love this movie ever since i was a kid

Carl M (ru) wrote: Todd Howard thinks that the family curse has finally skipped a generation until it lands right on his face in TEEN WOLF TOO! Christopher Leitch leaves nothing to chance in this unnecessary sequel, trying his best to recreate the same successes of the first film with very little variance. Jason Bateman is much better than the film deserves, and actually gives a sharp and funny performance despite the mediocre production. We see the same progression in Todd as we had scene before with Michael J. Fox's Scott, where both characters turn on their friends and become real jerks after getting a taste of teenage popularity. The only difference here is that Todd is now playing for the college boxing team rather than a high school basketball team. When topped off with the rather ugly make-up effects, Jason Bateman looks more like a disfigured cat than he ever does a wolf. Paul Sand, Mark Holton, and James Hampton make appearances from the original, with John Astin and Kim Darby joining the cast.

Xander K (gb) wrote: Quite silly but also somehow a bit endearing--Kai really seemed to enjoy it!

Shawn R (au) wrote: Finally a good movie from the QT film festival watching that I am doing. The character of Georgie/Martin is amazing, he is so evil and scary because you don't know if hes normal or not. I love that the whistle that Darryl Hannah used in Kill Bill is prominent in this movie.

xGary X (de) wrote: This rousing sea-faring adventure set during the Napoleonic war stars Alec Guiness as a fair-minded sea captain vying for control over his ship with coldly sadistic first mate Dirk Bogarde. The interplay and politicking between the two is the real reason to watch this film; I found myself wishing they'd get the battle sequences over with so I could get back to the more interesting political machinations. Anthony Quayle provides excellent support below decks as a revolutionary-minded crewman and it slots in nicely with the historical background of the story. If you liked Master and Commander, check this out. It's better.

Eric R (fr) wrote: A pretty sweet little Japanese gangster flick about a yakuza getting out of prison and finding himself falling back into this world. It isnt perfect, or nearly as exciting as some of Fukasaku's films but it still raises some interesting questions and has a pretty great ending.

Eric M (ag) wrote: Wow! i havnt seen this movie in ten years. Classic comedy at it's finest. Who ever heard of a gun that goes off every hour? LOL. The letters/poems the killer makes are absolutely hysterical. Man i wish I had it on DVD

Hybrid 6 (fr) wrote: Great movie it is my number one on my top ten list of my favorite movies

Long T (ca) wrote: just saw this, doesn't age well. Jessica even fell asleep.

Mike N (au) wrote: it was ok and i liked some scenes a lot,but overall i was disappointed.