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Carters R (nl) wrote: It wasn't about the destination. It was about the journey. But they made such a big deal about where he ended up that it seemed more mysterious than the end result. I ended up watching with baited breath on where this guy ending up only to have it all be a little disappointing.

Alvin G (it) wrote: Great black casts movie. Great acting and loved the storyline.

Facu S (br) wrote: Excelente pelicula. Con pensamientos y frases muy interesantes que invitan a reflexionar. Quizas para algunos pueda ser aburrida, pero para los que les gusta la psicologia la recomiendo...Narra los inicios del Psicoanlisis.

Alaura S (ag) wrote: Really cute. Good story. Funny. I never relalized how hot Elizabeth Reaser is =)

Derek M (es) wrote: Without a doubt one of the top 3 most overrated movies I have ever seen, if it wasn't for Daniel Day Lewis' performance this movie would be a 'complete' waste of time rather than just being a waste of time, if u want to bore yourself to death for 2 and a half hour I'd recommend community service and doing something useful with it

Michael A (ca) wrote: an interesting look at a unique man; i'm not terribly familiar with bukowski's work, and i still really enjoyed the film.

Kiley M (nl) wrote: I own this and I really liked it!

Claire D (gb) wrote: Love this movie from long time, even more now i know one of my cousins played Uncle Larry!!! The movie "Sell Off"!!..a must see..

Anna C (it) wrote: As a dodgy tv movie, its cool enough, ur usual 90's fluff, only thing worth watchin for is RDA, thou looks better without the bum fluff!

Ryan W (gb) wrote: Pretty decent R-rated comedy. These are hard to come by.

Joanna B (ca) wrote: After weeks of wading laboriously through Oscar hopefuls, a good light-hearted girls-night-out to a bad B-grade tear-jerker seemed well in order. With two premiering this week it can be difficult to choose, however when it comes to Dear John and Remember Me one stone is enough to kill both birds.Dear John Adapted from yet another of Nicholas Sparks best selling romance novels (The Notebook, Message in a Bottle), Dear John is a softly focused and overly sentimental modern Romeo and Juliet post September 11.Serving as the old-fashioned American archetype of the strong silent type, Ex-model turned actor Channing Tatum pulls off the broody but endearing lead. Contrasting highly with young Kate Winslet-esque Amanda Seyfried who plays Tatum's slightly holier-than-thow but likeable love interest.Home on leave; Special Forces Green Beret John Tyree (Tatum) stays with his emotionally disconnected obsessive coin-collecting father (Richard Jenkins), when he meets down-to-earth college student Savannah Curtis (Seyfried). Embracing the highly closed off John, Savannah welcomes him into her happy and calm way of life; doing charity work, riding horses and explaining the reasons behind her aspirations to open a ranch for autistic children, like her six year old neighbour Alan (Braeden Reed). Savannah also helps John to understand and tolerate his hermit father's peculiar ways. As their two week whirlwind courtship comes to an end, Savannah returns to school and vows to write John as much as possible whilst he serves the last year on his tour of duty. Their brief separation seems to be an easy and endearing situation until the intervention of the events of 911 and John's once short term commitment becomes and indefinite division.Will Savannah accept John's decision to reenlist? Will Savannah wait for his return? Can John survive in battle if Savannah refuses? Remember Me A contextually flimsy and unstructured love story come dreary family melodrama, Remember Me's morose tone, sluggish pacing and overly weighted in significance script is bittersweet in this less than affecting movie. In need of an immediate acting intervention, Twilight's teen-heartthrob Robert Pattison channels the dramatic likes of James Dean and Marlon Brando as he attempts to turn his dreamy soulful eyes, into a soulful performance. Since the unprovoked suicide of his older brother, NYC college student Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson) has had family issues. Tyler's turbulent relationship with his arrogant and insensitive power-attorney father (Pierce Brosnan) differs greatly with his wonderfully adoring relationship with his younger and giftedly artistic sister Caroline (Ruby Jerins).After yet another family tiff, Tyler enjoys a night out drinking and venting with flatmate and friend Aidan (Tait Ellington), but becomes involved in a back street altercation. Unjustly beaten and incarcerated overnight by the attending policeman Neil Craig (Chris Cooper), the boys vow to find a way to get back at him.Still bearing the bruises, Aidan spots Craig dropping off his daughter Ally (Emilie de Ravin) at the same school. Aidan convinces Tyler to charm Ally in hopes of beginning a relationship and then exacting their revenge. However, as their mirroring family issues and a need for love intensifies their relationship, a true bond is formed and a real relationship blossoms.Will Ally find out the reason behind Tyler's initial attraction? Can Tyler and his father ever mend their broken relationship? Is there something greater at work in this plot?The Verdict: Sadly neither of these films had a great impact. Dear John had promise but the longing looks, lingering kisses and continual character separation saw the movie loose energy; Remember Me with its clumsy scene changes and labouring subtext lacked the heartfelt anchor required for an affecting film. As one film ends with nothing more than a footnote and the other with a winding sucker punch, each of these romantic drama's offer something unique, however neither fully manage to evoke true emotion.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 19/03/2010

Tim G (fr) wrote: I did like F/X a film where bryan brown plays a special effects man who is hired by the justice department to fake an assassination of a mobster played by jerry orbach who about to join witness protection program but after brown does his job a justice department employee tries to knock him off after they ends up knocking of his lady friend played by Diana Verona by mistake brown ends up taking on the entire justice department .brian dennehy gives a good performance a NYPD detective trying to find the truth

Patti H (mx) wrote: hugh jackman's best yet.

David T (it) wrote: Shrek is like a parody of those irritating and common animated movies of princess and happily ever after. Thanks goodness Shrek came to break it and make an instant classic for children and a very entertaining movie for adults also.

Justin B (jp) wrote: It's Fulci's best from what I've seen but he's still the poor man's Argento who's a flawed director to begin with. Bloody style over nonsensical substance.

Joshua B (ag) wrote: Google Glass in Manhattan These days when we think of Virtual Reality glasses, we think of Google Glass. The premise of Creative Control is that another (smaller) company called Augmenta comes up with a competing pair of VR shades and hires a Manhattan ad agency to get the word out about their product. About halfway through this film I realized that this was basically a Woody Allen film, except more hip. The parallel between Woody Allen movies and this film is made stronger by the fact that the protagonist David is portrayed by Benjamin Dickinson, who is also the director. Also important is that the movie takes place in Manhattan. These people could exist nowhere else. The film has a lot to say, and some parts are really funny. It moves at a fast pace- if I blinked I might miss something important. However it was difficult to care about these people- no one seemed likable. Ultimately the science-fiction elements concerning Virtual Reality are subsumed into a story about unrequited love. David falls in love with his best friend's girlfriend. This involves keeping his feelings hidden from his actual girlfriend and his best friend. What to do? He retreats into Virtual Reality and creates an avatar of the woman he is smitten with, Sophie (Alexia Rasmussen). If you're looking for a movie that explores the impact Virtual Reality glasses will have on society, this isn't the film for you. The Virtual Reality glasses are almost a side issue. What it's really about are these unlikable Manhattanites, their careers, and their loves. If you're interested in these people and/or live in Manhattan, this film might appeal to you. The movie is beautifully shot in Black & White, and it's worth watching just because of the cinematography. Some of the jokes are funny (I especially liked the send-up of Yoga) but towards the end of the film I was wishing it to be over. I had ceased to care about the main character. His life seemed implausible, perhaps because I don't live in Manhattan and/or perhaps he's not portrayed with a lot of depth. Creative Control does raise an interesting question- Will mature adults get confused about where Virtual Reality ends and where Real Reality begins if Virtual Reality glasses become ubiquitous? The film answers with a resounding "Yes!' and shows how tenuous some people's connection to Reality is even without VR glasses. The main character swallows handfuls of futuristic-looking pills, drinks a lot, and inhales a smokeable anti-anxiety medication called Phalinex. The film makes the salient point that Virtual Reality glasses will push some people over the edge. It would have been a better film if it had not softened this point at the very end! To sum up, this is an entertaining and well-written film that's beautifully lensed. Will such a Manhattan-centric film play in Peoria? It's Dickenson's first film and a good debut- but I don't think it's going to find a large audience.