Agulha no Palheiro

Agulha no Palheiro

The simple and naive country girl Mariana arrives in Rio de Janeiro from Minas Gerais trying to find her fiancé, José da Silva, with his picture only, and without his phone number or ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Agulha no Palheiro torrent reviews

Li W (jp) wrote: Loved the story. Script needed work.

Bobby J (ag) wrote: Very funny and great fresh view of immigrants in LA.......... Jimmy does an amazing job to keep people informed where it shows. I laughed all through the movie and not a moment that left you bored or not interested. Great Job. A must see

Dave S (ru) wrote: A lot of fun, but also near tragic when it wants to be - I haven't seen this effective a mix of playful and pathos in a while. Some murder mysteries leave you waiting for the big solution, but this succeeds by making the details along the way more interesting, the victim's life story endearing and surprising. Also helped by a distinct setting, supporting characters that make a clear impact in a short amount of time without going too quirky, and a great soundtrack. Watch out for this one, US title "Nobody Else but You", as it might be getting distribution here in early 2012.

Gundo T (gb) wrote: i love this movie but i dont know where on the internt i can watch it again it seems to be deleted

Sarah H (ag) wrote: For a cheesy Hallmark movie I guess it wasn't all that bad. It was okay at least. There was a scene that was just stupid though, where the twin boys have to be angels in a pagent and they are refusing to be angels until they are told they get to have swords. Well, during "Angels We Have Heard On High" they are playing with said swords, why? It was just stupid, no longer cute. Typical cheese fest with this one, but it was good for the entire family to watch and people actually learned lessons in it.

Khaidrus S (kr) wrote: Everybody had his Secret..

Theo M (kr) wrote: Not Besson's best movie: a youg female gang member gets sentenced to life but gets a second chance: with a new identity she becomdes a spy and assassin for the French Secret Service. Her first assignments are relatively easy, but the last one is highly dangerous and impossible. That's when things go wrong.

Naische F (au) wrote: Part 'Apocalypto', part 'The Man Who Would be King', part 'Deliverance'. This is an excellent John Boorman film based on a true story that featrues Powers Boothe ('Sudden Death', 'Extreme Prejudice', 'Tombstone') as an American engineer working on building a dam in Brazil near the Amazon. His son is kidnapped by some natives and dissapears and grows up with their values. Boothe does not give up the search and a decade passes by, until he ventures deep into the Amazon and meets him again while fleeing a rival tribe who are cannibals and prefer violence. He spends some time with his son and his tribe and begins have a deeper understanding of his own inner struggles and his son's happiness. The themes underlying the raging conflict between western modernisation and old traditional peaceful value systems are well explored. The film's pro-environment eco-friendly themes were very well ahead of its time. It was also entertaining to see a subplot involving a local brothel and pimp who rewards some of the members of the cannibal tribe with modern automatic weapons in exchange for women from the peaceful tribe as new recruits for his declining business. Anyway, the movie is well shot with amazing cinematography. And despite more than half of the film being an ancient dialect and some Portugeese, we never get the feel of being bored and are constantly engaged.

Deadly V (gb) wrote: Minimalist but Effective Character Piece

Peter S (au) wrote: Sensational film if the future with humor, drama, action, surprises, great art effects. I loved it. I bought it. I saw it when it came out and watch it every now and then. Great surrealism.

John B (mx) wrote: Leslie Caron is pretty enchanting in this musical which has an underlying creep factory particularly when they thank heaven for little girls. Maurice Chevalier's back as well and adding to the charm.

Adam T (br) wrote: Interesting comedy is swallowed up by a labyrinthine plot. It is good to see Timothy Dalton relishing a sinister role!

Frances H (it) wrote: Cute nonsense bro-comedy.

Simon W (it) wrote: Amazing Concept that has you gripped throughout! The phrase 'Time is money' couldn't be more true, Justin and Amanda do a Fab job!.. And really credit each other as the movie unfolds!

Carlos M (ru) wrote: Make sure you watch the original CinemaScope widescreen version of this great Disney animation and be charmed by its stunning, vivid colors, sweet songs, adorable characters and that memorable spaghetti scene that conveys all the romance of the "lovely bella notte."