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Aha torrent reviews

Dylan C (ca) wrote: This movie is well written and inspiring. It has a heart of gold unlike a lot of movies out there. It also provides plenty of laughs, what's not to like?

Zack F (us) wrote: An examination of a horrible bastard that keeps us watching just by way of how COMPELLING it is to hear his work discussed like it's just any old job; think "Goodfellas" as a political documentary.

Facebook U (kr) wrote: Coraline was smashingly good, this one as well. They got hold of a strange and original story again and masterfully executed it. The stop-motion is extraordinary and their inventiveness boundless. Here the villain is cruel but has self-defeating flaws. Not all his henchmen are evil. And we have the boy-girl pair. The girl is brave, boy I like that! The adventure is masculine by comparison of Coraline, that was rather feminine. This kind of animation is so tedious, work-intensive, these guys must always have a darn good story to tell to make it. Plain delight all over.

Larry J (es) wrote: This outstanding film really belongs to Eddie Redmayne and Tom Sturridge. Veteran actor Collettte is great, but Redmayne is incredible given his limited experience at the time.

Nicole P (it) wrote: Not terrible, and I am totally biased in favor of any 'local' movies. Hey, they tried, right?

Samrat T (nl) wrote: solid action flick..JC delivers not with kicks but with eyes and guns!! one of his best!

Aman F (fr) wrote: nice arrangement of plots and events,.. great choice of locations, really helps in boosting the film popularity,.. excellent actor and actress, creative choreography and of course an unexpected ending,.. THRILLING IN ITS OWN WAY!!

Thanasis A (jp) wrote: technically nice job mr Davies...but so boring...

Rick L (de) wrote: Excellent all time movie

Jason M (nl) wrote: Fantastic! This film takes place during a time when young men try to live in a very RACIST South London in 1980 yet their love of life and music is what keeps them going. The film i think is very realistically done with fantatstic acting from all. I can relate very well to the people for I was a very young kid in the 80s from south london area. For me the most important scene is when the main charcater is walking the streets at 5am and is then intensely followed by some men in a car and chases him. I won't say what happenes but to those that have no how important that scene is even today some can relate to.

Minna S (fr) wrote: Clearly more "mainstream" than the earlier works which also makes it more dull. And forgettable, I am currently trying hard to remember what happened. There were some funny lines and ideas, though, but mostly the film is more or less insignificant.

Daryl T (de) wrote: 16 movies in Elvis is finally cool even though his songs are the worst. Not bad for an Elvis flick

Greg W (gb) wrote: max's first movie after exiting hollywood

Nicole D (br) wrote: Absolutely the top of Marvel movies. Make crazy even those who can't stand Marvel

Simon D (br) wrote: I think this is a far cry from the Kerouac book, which I once tried to read and gave up due to it being a bit of a acid-soaked shambles. This is quite a straightforward story with some interesting cast members; not the fear and loathing + film I was expecting. Sam Riley shows his versatility once again, tip him to do a Tom Hardy. I was also surprised to see that Kristen Stewart had another string to her bow an all.

Hollis O (ru) wrote: At times a bit slow, but you get frustrated along with the main characters that there's so much tension and no resolution. When it finally does come, though, the wait is well worth it.