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Courtesan Madame Subbalaxmi heads a household where men are not born, but are welcome. Women are not welcome, but their birth is. Subbalaxmi is thrilled when her pet protege, Sangeeta, gives birth to a baby-girl, who they name Chandra. Shortly thereafter they relocate to a small community. Sangeeta wants Chandra to study, and she is allowed to do so. Chandra meets her neighbor, Kunal, and their family, and is welcomed by them. Problems arise, when Kunal and Chandra fall in love, as neither Kunal's family, nor Chandra's courtesan family will permit this marriage. Only time will tell if Chandra's fate is to be the same as other courtesans.

Courtesan Madame Subbalaxmi heads a household where men are not born, but are welcome. Women are not welcome, but their birth is. Subbalaxmi is thrilled when her pet protege, Sangeeta, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iris L (gb) wrote: Good thriller with some surprising twists and excellent acting

Matthew M (nl) wrote: Here comes the boom is an average sporting comedy that has some heart-felt moments and brings the boom into boxing.

Tiffany A (nl) wrote: Not as good & funny as I've expected~ the director is very ambitious & tries to mix many different elements into the movie, but the result is mediocre & ??! But they really put in a lot of effort to make this movie.

Moya W (nl) wrote: I loved the acting and the storyline but still somehow it was a bit too slow and a bit too difficult to get into. It kept going but never quite reaching anywhere. Juno Temple did a great American accent and Kay Panabaker was remarkable in her role as the best friend. This was a riveting storyline about searching your dreams and giving up everything around you for a guy. It's a story about life and loss, love and letting go. It's a story with a very thought-provoking life lesson, but sadly it was a strain to sit through since it never really got into the story the way that I'd hoped for.

Amy R (au) wrote: very cute!! loved it!

Randy P (fr) wrote: A film really worth watching with your friends. Lots of laughs, and you can tell the cast had fun.

kyo 9 (gb) wrote: A great story line.the actors was pretty amazing= I felt the character in every role~they said that guys can't forget their first love=thank god I have a religion~

Faisal H (it) wrote: Different, but interesting.

Lucas Y (jp) wrote: Not a bad story that builds up to a pretty good fight.

Violaine B (ag) wrote: Come on, it's the best!

Dilhara A (ca) wrote: quite funny, but true at the same time. typical English.

Ina H (ru) wrote: A must watch! Brilliant movie!

Rosario G (ag) wrote: "Hard Boiled" is hard to the core. "The Killer" has more clever kills than every Bond film stacked together. John Woo is the man when it comes to classy blood red choreography; Chow Yun-fat is as iconic as Connery, a Hong Kong Sean with more guns and more balls than that comparative wussy gets Pussy (Galore... Goldfinger reference, chill). These two tanks are action flicks for which those who don't even care for this often polluted genre can appreciate.Personally, I am not much a fan of action films, but the two of these are... it may not be fair to compare... but more a zinger than say a Dr. No or Goldfinger I dare... declare.

Robert C (kr) wrote: With such a glut of Nazi-themed movies it's hard for one to stand out, but this one certainly does, with its vivid direction, melodramatic direction, and unusual interplay of gender roles. Giancarlo Giannini and Shirley Stoler deliver excellent performances.

Scott C (es) wrote: Think I may have seen this, but can't be positive.

Jens T (ru) wrote: Klaus Kinski once said to Werner Herzog "You're no director! You have to? learn from me! You're a beginner, a dwarf's director, but not a director for me!" This picture is his kingdom, all the entire cast nothing but dwarfs, a real challenge for the then 28-years-old director, but he did. This movie shows how the dwarf is just like other people, they even bullying the smallest dwarfs and the blind ones. It's shows that dwarfs is no different then some mexicans after a revolution trying to run a country. Some times I think it's to much of the good, but an interesting picture indeed.

Alan G (ca) wrote: I have had this on the "to see" list forever, and thanks to TCM and a DVR I have finally been able to see it. Great movie, and startlingly creepy for a movie almost 70 years old. Incredible B&W filmwork, and a story that now appears in many a pop culture reference.

Chucky (es) wrote: November 17th-18th 2009July 12th 2015

Matt C (kr) wrote: Not a petrol head but must admit I quite enjoyed this film not bad for car lovers

Gabriel C (de) wrote: It has a surprisingly thought-provoking storyline, but Eli Roth's The Green Inferno offers more of the same, including unlikable characters, feeble dialogue, subpar acting and gratuitous gore.