Ai no kotodama: sekai no hatemade

Ai no kotodama: sekai no hatemade


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Ai no kotodama: sekai no hatemade torrent reviews

Joshua C (au) wrote: Decent enough movie. Ashton Kutcher did an ok job portraying Steve Jobs! The movie ended kind of abruptly though. Not as bad as most people say.

Jim B (ru) wrote: A tragic event in history beautifully done for film.

Paul F (nl) wrote: Good independent film being released on I Tunes and Amazon before a theatrical release and worth the rental.

Petros T (jp) wrote: Certainly more forgettable than the original, "Johnny English Reborn" sometimes feels rather forced but is overall redeemed by the always reliable Rowan Atkinson and the occasional highlights.

Oliver W (it) wrote: Random, non-sensical, and completely unpredictable. A TOWN CALLED PANIC is the best re-enactment of a kid taking random toys and putting them altogether .

Jeff V (ru) wrote: T&A movie but also a parody of porn. I laughed. If you're in the mood to see some boobs and laugh a little and not tax your brain, go for it.

Keenan S (au) wrote: Contadora Is For Lovers is yet another horribly incompetent film by the master of shitty film-making, Jorge Ameer. While it's thankfully not as bad as The Singing Forest, it's still one of the worst things to ever happen to independent cinema and film-making as a whole.The premise is rather interesting: a newly married couple travel to Panama and stay at a resort known as Contadora. There, they meet their tour guide who right off the bat says he's bisexual. From there, the couple begins to explore their sexual boundaries with their new found friend in paradise. However, conflict naturally ensues as they know they can't stay together forever and their time in paradise is to be short-lived.This film could have and should have been an interesting film about sexual exploration in ways most people will not freely admit to wanting to do because of what society would deem taboo, instead becomes a horrendously tedious, horribly made disaster that drags on and on, despite being a little over an hour in length.I'm not expecting quality on par with the likes of Last Tango In Paris, In The Realm Of The Senses, or Lust, Caution, but I would like a film about sexuality to be handled in a much better, more mature, better written, and sexier fashion than what Jorge Ameer has shat upon the screen with this abomination.Despite funding from the Panamanian government and various studios, the film looks like shit right from the get-go because it looks like it was filmed with a cheap video camera. I talso doesn't help that there is no proper sound quality because of a lack of microphones. What the camera recorded is how it stayed for the finished product, which is unacceptable, because all the voices sound muffled and unbalanced.It also doesn't help that the storyline is a miserable train wreck that is shallow, features virtually no character development, no insight into human behavior or sexuality (Apparently straight men can turn gay at the drop of a hat), piss-poor sex scenes and little nudity (Sex scenes generally only amount to stroking, kissing, pillow fights, and playful wrestling), dreadful humor, and implausible scenarios involving how the tour guide seduces the couple.However, there is one bright spot in this disaster and that is actress Renee Pietrangelo. While she wasn't exactly amazing, I felt she gave a decent performance even amid all the disastrous film-making choices and also being surrounded by atrocious actors. She was surprisingly bubbly and engaging to watch because she was the only actor in the entire film to give any sort of damn about her performance.Outside of that one redeeming quality, the film has absolutely nothing else to offer. Jorge Ameer is a film-maker who continues to prove that he cannot do a damn thing right. His films represent the very worst independent cinema has to offer to the world and he should be avoided at all costs like the plague.

Kristian A (mx) wrote: Vlj en annan istllet.

Scott C (nl) wrote: i liked the characters and even though is was slow in some parts, overall i enjoyed it very much.

Scott A (gb) wrote: A tad short, but I thought it was pretty good vampire flick. Really dug the girl that played the GOOD Vamp. The Marvin thing was funny too.

Alyssa N (ca) wrote: This movie focuses on the tangled web of relationships between a handful of characters, most of them gay. The director effectively captures a melancholy, "punk" atmosphere in the style of Dennis Cooper that makes this movie a nice contrast to the campier, happy-go-lucky gay drama-comedies I've seen. But that doesn't quite excuse the poor acting and threadbare characters who fall in and out of "love" for inexplicable reasons. It's still a very interesting plot, just without much else to back it up.

Veronica R (nl) wrote: Assolutamente reale; ti sbatte in faccia una realt che non ci racconta nessuno perch appartiene ad un mondo ''lontano'' da noi.

Lee M (gb) wrote: Liberally laced as it is with magic, comically surrealist visions and tarot card counsel, the affectionately observed story of the Italian immigrant Lucca clan is the mundane made marvelous.

Daniel G (gb) wrote: There are some really interesting ideas here. That's about it.

Naan K (ag) wrote: sper, acayip komik bir film, absrd komedinin kovboy versiyonu

Brian K (ca) wrote: It's Rogers and Hammerstein... I can't help but love this musical and it's film adaptation.

Ali A (jp) wrote: I liked rebecca acting. but overall its not what u expect from bruce. watched on mobile sep 25.

Jamie I (us) wrote: There is no reason not to see this movie. Grandpa (Alan Arkin) is introduced agonizing over the routine chicken dinner. "Again with the fucking chicken." And he steals the show in every scene thereafter. And even a few he's not in. Abigail Breslin, Greg Kinnear, Paul Dano, Toni Collette and Steve Carell are all phenomenal. See this movie.

Steve D (au) wrote: perhaps the greatest cast ever assembled puts forward a great story, which is brilliantly handled by Redford. It may not be the masterpiece many are looking for but it raises a lot of moral questions.

Kean C K (it) wrote: 2 stars?BD ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????