Air Bud: Spikes Back

Air Bud: Spikes Back

In Disney's fifth installment to the franchise, Air Bud finds that he has the uncanny ability to play volleyball.

Disney serves up adventure with everyone's favorite golden retriever! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Air Bud: Spikes Back torrent reviews

Pia K (es) wrote: Ihan mukiinmenev komedia, jonka parasta antia oli Robin Williamsin roolisuoritus, R.I.P. Robin. :(

Iy B (ru) wrote: watch this. just wow.

Melissa S (ru) wrote: My family and I lived this movie!!!!!!

Robert C (fr) wrote: Beautiful animation. But ridiculously short. There's no time to develop the characters or plot at all. Too bad, because it feels like something interesting was going on.

Sarabeth R (nl) wrote: I own it. Haven't watched it yet.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: Only slightly more entertaining than Dollman or Demonic Toys were on their own.

jade d (fr) wrote: go matt robin reid

Rob B (kr) wrote: I have to say that seeing the Picasso Trigger was one of my cinematic high points. I have to say that this may be one of the funniest movies i have ever seen. This is the quinessential bad late night cable action flick. It has it all, boobs, guns, explosions, more boobs, action, suspense, random women showering sequences (i think we counted three shower scenes), a train at the zoo, someone's eye getting ripped out, the best stop motion explosions i have seen this side of Ray Harryhausen, even more boobs, a ferrari, CT (elissa knows what this means), more CT, a boat chase, a story that makes absolutely zero sense. And the fact that on my DVR, this movie should have ran about 75 minutes, but rather it clocks in at 1 hour and 45 minutes. The best part, i still dont know what the Picasso Trigger even is. I could go on, but just see it yourself. Andy will be missed.

Jason R (mx) wrote: I love the music to this film! Ive been looking for the soundtrack for a while now...the acting from kline and denzel are both excellant and the story itelf is heartbreaking and well put together. The movie is two autobiographical tales that when separate do not emit the pictures true purpose. We see Klines character acting as a medium not ony to his newspaper but the viewer. Without Kline, we would be delved into a world that we could not truly understand, like Biko (played by Washington) said. We hear the heart wrenching from Biko, and then witness it with the reporter.

Bill T (de) wrote: Dull and stilted swamp drama about an old codger who marries a young un' upon agreement that they do the nasty on her 20th Birthday and no time before. He runs a cotton ginny, and when things start to go South, he gets desperate, and picks on the wrong people. I dunno, even though (I think) this wasnt a play, it just feels to theatrical and stage bound for me to really enjoy it. Karl Malden and Eli Wallach are pretty good, but I can never get into Carroll Baker. Meh.

christopher w (mx) wrote: The acting was superb in this movie (Especially Vincent Price) The plot was good, but was too drawn out and did not hold my attention.

Eliabeth S (ru) wrote: Interesting ideas, but a bit too much going on between the 2 storylines. Love Jeanne Crain's character and actual personality, but the doctor/Shunderson story isn't as compelling.

Russell G (ru) wrote: This one surprised me. I was expecting a more standard Mad Scientist movie. This one was more of a weird murder mystery. Granted that whole living flesh stuff was pretty weird. The old Technicolor was horrid. Man, how have things changed.

Shane D (de) wrote: There's truthfully not much to dislike here. It's pretty solid. Maybe the franchise standout.

Jenn M (au) wrote: I was expecting a bit more action after the beginning fire sequence but it was mostly a drama involving his wife and daughter. Not typical for a John Wayne movie and I prfer his typecasted roles as a cowboy more