Aire libre

Aire libre

A couple of thirty-somethings struggling with life, marriage, work, a kid and a new bought house outside the city.

A couple of thirty-somethings struggling with life, marriage, work, a kid and a new bought house outside the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sebastian H (it) wrote: It is not a good sign if you have to force yourself to even skip through a movie. This is such a movie. I laud the artistic courage, and the convincing acting (mostly), but it's just hard to sit through unless you are a die-hard connoisseur of French culture... a few minutes of Laetitia Casta make up for a lot of bad filmmaking but don't make up for the whole weird movie.... which is a shame really

William L (fr) wrote: I missed it at movies bought it and a good little addition good story acting good as well

Karolina J (jp) wrote: an idiotic movie. since when the essence of the comedy are all the kur**, pier**** & skur***** words... who the hell makes movies like that???

Ivana B (mx) wrote: One of the best movies of 2010. Very powerful and original with great performances by its actors! I didn't really like the way it ended, but that's just me being a happy-ending addict even though I never wanna admit it :)

Raquel B (br) wrote: O melhor filme argentino!

Pablo E (au) wrote: Genghis Blues es un documental de dos mundos que jams debieron encontrarse. El de un msico ciego americano, cantante de blues, que en tardes de ocio descubre una de las mayores manifestaciones artsticas humanas. Se trata de la msica proveniente de la pequea Tuva, una region al sur de Rusia, cerca de Mongolia, donde con el poder de la voz construyen una serie de sonidos que nada envidian a instrumentos occidentales. Desde entonces, Pena buscar conocer la cultura, y tendr el viaje de su vida. Recomendable.

Manolo P (kr) wrote: This Hitchcock's classic thriller is a great openness to an impact-growing genre. The techniques used, as well as the resources and cinematographic explorations that at the time were not known continue to produce an effective, intriguing and terrifying effect that even today is impressing. The characters are very well made and the dialogues are fantastic. Here is an argument of masterful suspense whose scenes are absolute works of art. 97/100

Daniel K (fr) wrote: Another reasonable addition to the Free Willy series but the worst of the three films thanks to not having much going on. Good to see both Jesse and Randolph back but they are the only two to return from the first and second films. The storyline was the letdown as it wasn't a very eventful movie. Max was the obvious replacement of Elvis from the second film but isn't as entertaining or annoying as Elvis was. Overall nothing special but a fair way to end the trilogy.

Charlotte H (mx) wrote: One of my favourite movies of all time

John A (gb) wrote: Fabulous stylistic work of history by Rossellini here. In these history films from late in his career, Rossellini seems to be searching for a way to film the internal conflicts of these great figures, as the outward conflicts are de-emphasized to such a great degree. All the characters, from Descartes to Helene to his detractors, receive equal respect, which provides opportunities to draw your own conclusions about the characters and their ideas.

Ricky M (kr) wrote: Fairly average giallo, not the worst but not the best. Gore is kept to a minimun here but this is made up for in the incredibly convoluted whodunnit plot. Red herrings are plentiful. Follows story of George Hilton attempting to unravel the case of the death of an insurance investigator and its link to a kidnapping. What follows is standard template, multiiple suspects, black gloved killer etc but somehow this one seemed a bit tame and overly convoluted. Ok but not the best example of the genre.

Jeff B (it) wrote: Hidden gem. Nothing about this movie looked good on paper. The generic title, cheesy cover art, and Lucy Liu all suggested a disaster. I completely underestimated this film. Solid acting, some really interesting cinematography, haunting score and interesting plot. There are some clear holes in the plot logic but I found them forgivable given how entertaining this movie is.

Jared M (it) wrote: Always a great acting role, she always goes the extra mile.