Two young people meet by chance and fall in love but the woman is diagnosed with leprosy and sent away to a remote mountain sanitorium.

Mitsu works in a factory and has a crush on Tsutomu, a young man she met on the Tokyo streets. One day the two go out, and after some deception, Tsutomu manages to have his way with her. Coming from a broken home, he is frightened by love, so he cruelly allows her to wake up alone. A month passes and a more grown-up Tsutomu returns. The lovers joyously reunite and move in together. All is blissful until both notice a strange sore on Mitsu's arm. The doctors diagnose it as leprosy. Without telling Tsutomu, Mitsu checks into a leper sanitarium. Hanging out with society's pariahs gives her much insight. She discovers the old lepers to be wonderful people. In turn, Mitsu becomes their source of joy and renewed hope. Still, she misses her Tsutomu. One day, the doctors inform her that they erred and that the sore is not leprosy. Happily she heads back to her true love until she realizes with a guilty pang that to return to him would mean unhappiness for her newfound friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan B (gb) wrote: Run. Run away as fast as you can. This made sharknado look like a 5 star movie

Dan W (ag) wrote: I first became interested in this story when I happened to come across one of the tiles in the street in Manhattan. I was intrigued to find there is an entire documentary about them and the mystery of their origin and meaning. This film is riveting from beginning to end and it's research was incredibly meticulous and well done. I think they did a fantastic job of basically solving the mystery but keeping it still not quite completely explained so a few questions still remain.

Mark S (gb) wrote: Recommended by Harry.

Daniel K (fr) wrote: 2: Decent little picture, but nothing special. Kristin Scott Thomas is superb as always, but it isn't her best work; it merely made me want to see her superior films again. I can see where Pollack is going, but he failed to recapture any of his Out of Africa magic with this pair. The more Harrison Ford pictures I see where he isn't Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, the POTUS, etc, the more I feel he has been routinely miscast. This isn't an absolute rule, but he is the kind of movie star that excels with a certain type of character. It's an interesting film, but not unforgettable.

Sofanit M (ag) wrote: Talk about unconventional romantic movie, set in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The cinematography, the story line and the carnival music captured in movie all came together in such a unique way. The natural ways of the actors actually went well with the movie. Beautifully done!!

Doctor S (ca) wrote: Superb spy action comedy with director Robinson getting all parts clicking like a key turning tumblers in a lock. Robert Redford in top form as reformed hacker leading a top flight cast including Sidney Poitier and Ben Kingsley. Great moments of unraveling mysteries and filled with quality gags that don't undermine the suspense. Most action comedies tilt too heavily one way or the other but Sneakers finds the perfect balance from start to finish.

Rob B (jp) wrote: Another shockingly bad film.

Darrin C (mx) wrote: Much better than the sissy name they gave the movie (apparently, the character was really nicknamed this). It's a good drama that remains interesting throughout and contains above average acting from most of the entire cast. I felt what they wanted me to feel and will watch this again someday!